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Pre-weekend energy drink cravings: Rangers collapsing, Andy Dalton wins, Minka Kelly is single

1. Not sure what to say about yet another lopsided Red Sox win against your Rangers. 

2. The Angels are coming town, and the Orange County Register looks at the top 10 moments in this rivalry.

Bilde 3. How about a little Andy Dalton win against Cam Newton in Fake Football last night? Dalton is going to be a better pro than Newton, but he has to get out of Cincy first.
3.5 Here is a columnist's take on Dalton's game. 

4. Steve Martin is coming to SA to play his banjo.

5. Texas A&M story from the Express News about its intentions to find a new bed partner.

6. The Longhorn Network is on today. Not a lot of cable providers have added it yet.

7. An awful story from the Houston Chronicle that will make any parent sick.

8. Houston Pearland opened its season with win worthy of being the Class 5A defending state champions.

9. If/when Irene hits NYC it's going to be mean big $$ for Broadway.

Minka-minka-kelly-1 10. A stunning development: Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter split. That was a very admirable three years, but enough was enough. Somewhere Scarlett Johannson is happy. 


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Roman Moronie

Give it up for Andy Dalton. He looked good last night. I keep praying he continues to have good health. If he can keep from getting behind that soft offensive line and poor running attack, Dalton could turn into a upper tier quarterback in the NFL.


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