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Rob Ryan doesn't call it like his daddy did

Buddy-ryan1-1 SAN ANTONIO - The brash statements and the rather large mouth were trademarks of Buddy Ryan. His sons, Rex and Rob, are pretty much the same way. God love them for that.

But Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan does not call a game the way his dad did. If Buddy could bring the kicker on a blitz he would have.

"I don’t max pressure nearly as much as my father does," Rob Ryan said. "I don’t back off of pressure but the game is different. Back then you had two formations and one protection so you could beat the crap out of the protection all day long. Nobody would change and you’d just set sack records. Dad was the first one smart enough to figure that out. Hopefully we have smart coaches here, I know we do.

"You don’t want to always max pressure and you expose yourself to pressure. You are trying to take as few guys as it takes to hit the quarterback. Do we blitz? Hell yeah. But we also have loaded coverage. They may pick up the blitz, but we may want them to pick it up."

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Buddy Ryan was a defensive icon; loved him. He was truely a great sports personality. His boys are a chip off the old block, but there will only be one Buddy Ryan. That guy knew how to pressure a qb, an offense, and the media.

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