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Texas high school football is here & Aledo will run the table again

Recruit_e_gray1_200 It's going to be hard to top a chat with a 20-year-old Alabama coed, so here is an effort ....

Texas high school football begins tonight with games here and there, but it begins with a serious bah-bang on Friday night.

The FW/d area game of note I'm curious to see is Aledo against Stephenville. Aledo is the two-time defending state champs and has a cache of starters returning, most notably RB Jonthan Gray, who is a UT commitment without the Longhorn Network carrying any of his games. Who knew? According to Dave Campbell's Texas Football, Gray is one of the state's best running backs ... ever. No, this discussion can never include Earl Campbell. The Bearcats went 16-0 last season, which is better than the Patriots or the Dolphins in their attempt to be perfect.

Stephenville reached the state quarters last season and return 18 lettermen, but only four starters on offense. If the Yellow Jackets win on Friday it's because RB Aiavion Edwards goes nuts.

"This is a fun game and it's an exciting game," Stephenville head coach Joe Gillespie said. "I know they are a measuring stick game for us but I'd like to think we are a measuring stick as well. But our non-district schedule is all playoff caliber teams. These are fun games to be in because there are no district implications with it, and there is some stress taken away from it right there and gauge where your team is."

This thing has rout written all over it. Aledo is that good. But it's not a district game, so even if it's a blowout there are no big losers. Game 1 of a season is usually the worst game for a head coach because even if he has a lot of guys back he has no idea what his new team is actually going to do.

"You would think with all of the returning starters we have coming back you'd have a pretty good idea of what we're going to do but until you play you really never know," Aledo coach Tim Buchanan said.

Aledo wins, but the game I'm really looking forward to is when it plays Austin Lake Travis on September 9.

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Once again Mac, another great column!!

HS Football Fan

I don't know anything about writing columns, but if you can, I'd love to see more articles on local high school football players. I love the cowboys, but reading about guys that are committed to UT, or T&M, would be fun.

By the way; Jonthan Gray is a super star. That guy hits like a ton of bricks. Easily a 'pro' prospect in the making. I never miss him playing

notably RB Jonthan Gray

JT Beezer

Jonthan Gray is the total package. If you get a chance make, make it to one of his games. "Rock Star"

Mark Schiller

Gray is not the total package but he sure is close. He isn't a great runner between the tackels but he has a serious set of wheels on him


Looks like you got it wrong! 48-47 Stephenville.


Stephenville wins!

Stephanville #1


AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big mac,
You served up to your metro plex chronies a happy meal. re "Aledo will run the table" but you forgot the toy!
Stephenville 48 Aledo 47.....look at the stats when both teams had played each other Aledo and gray havn't really been that impressive. media hype and a light schedule can make anyone a superstar.


Gray will be one runner that the Texas Longhorn fans will never forget and they have had their share of good running backs. Brown is good, so with both of them along with Bergeron the Longhorns will run all night against their opponents and also when they play during the day.

english as a second language

He's an amazing player. He'll definitely go far in the football world!

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