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The Astros are pushing to be have worst pro sports season ever in Texas

C_1 The Houston Astros were going to go through a down cycle after Bagwell, Biggio and the rest of that crew retired, but what they and their fan base is enduring now is equal to this Hellish heat we're all suffering this summer.

If you are going to suck, do it Astros style. Make it memorable. The decision to deal Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn ensures that the Texans can finish 4-12 with Wade building that Texans defense and they'll still be better than the Astros.

Right now the Astros are 35-73, and just 24.5 games back of first-place Milwaukee. Because the Astros are in the NL Central, they actually still have a chance. The Astros trail the Orioles' 42-63 mark for the second-worst record in baseball. 

It is time to ask - Could this be the worst season for a major Texas pro sports team? There are a lot of contenders, and so many memories ...

1962 Astros 64-96, .400. It was the team's first season, so they get a breather here. The great Turk Farrell went 10-20 that season.

1972 Rangers 54-100, .351. This was the Rangers' first season after it moved from Washington that, for some reason, Ted Williams agreed to manage.

2001 Rangers 73-89, .451. This team should not be in this discussion, but this was A-Rod's first year in Texas on a club that had a lot of big names and spent money like that of the U.S. govt., and all it did was disappoint.

1960 Dallas Cowboys 0-11, .000. This was the first year of the expansion franchise, so it also should get a pass.

Unknown 1989 Dallas Cowboys 1-15, .062. The first year under Jimmy and Jerry was God-awful, but a foundation was being set.

2005 Houston Texans 2-14, .125. What is unique about the Texans is the fact their first-year in 2002 was better than fourth year. This would be Dom Capers last season in Houston.

1973 Houston Oilers 1-13, .071. What is rather impressive about this Oilers' season is the fact they managed to repeat the same record as the previous season. That's not easy. They started the season with a seven-game losing streak, defeated the Colts in Baltimore, then lost their final six to just miss the playoffs.

1961 Dallas Texans 6-8, .429. The Texans played three seasons in Dallas before moving to KC, and this was their only losing record in the area. Coach Hank Stram usually had the team matriculating the ball down the field at all times.

250px-Randy_white 1992-'93 Dallas Mavericks 11-71, .134. This remains one of the worst seasons in NBA history. These Mavs won four-fewer games than the team did in its first season in 1980-'81. Who was on this team? Winners like Randy White (the next Karl Malone), Sean Rooks, Jim Jackson, Donald Hodge, Tim Legler and Terry Davis. Poor Derek Harper was still on this team. The next season the Mavs would win a total of 13 games.

1982-'83 Houston Rockets 14-68, .171. An aging Elvin Hayes was on the roster, as were rookies Chuck Nevitt and Terry Teagle. The next season the Rockets would have Ralph Sampson. The season after that, they would have Hakeem.

1988-'89 San Antonio Spurs 21-61, .256. Spurs fans know this was the last time this franchise was nationally irrelevant. Cadillac Anderson was on the roster as were Keith Smart, Vernon Maxwell, Calvin Natt and a host of other guys coach Larry Brown loved and eventually ran off. The next season, Uwe Blab hit the roster and the Spurs reached the West Finals. It may also be worth noting that this was also the season David Robinson joined the team as well as Sean Elliott and Rod Strickland.

1995-'96 Dallas Stars 26-42-14. The team missed the playoffs, Bob Gainey fired himself as coach and hired Ken Hitchcock as the replacement. That moved kinda worked.

The Winner: The Mavs. That 1992-'93 season didn't even set a foundation.

(P.S. - I may have missed one or two, and if you have any fond memories of some especially bad Texas pro sports teams please let me know.)


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great articles and i cain't see getting rid of Bourn unless they are counting on borgeous.(sp)Thanks and GOD Bless,Ray Holeman

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