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The Translator deciphers A&M's message to Big 12

The Translator comes free of charge to The Big Mac Blog. He only comes when absolutely necessary. Today is one of those days.

Texas A&M sent an official lawyer-ly message to Don Beebe 'n' friends at the Big 12 Minus 2 today.

Click here for a link to S-T Big 12 man Jimmy Burch's take on this Ben Matlock style dog-and-pony show.

This is the statement released by Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin (BTW - this picture is not of R. Bowen Loftin but that of Reveille, which is A&M's version of Cujo) :

User10020132_pic8631_1247804166 “As I have indicated previously, we are working very deliberately to act in the best long-term interests of both Texas A&M and the State of Texas. This truly is a 100-year decision. While we understand the desire of all parties to quickly reach a resolution, these are extremely complex issues that we are addressing methodically.”

After spending more than four hours deciphering this message/statement, the Translator de-coded the statement as such:

"Go to H, Bevo. We're bringing Reveille up to Austin so he can poop in your yard. Have fun on your Longhorn Network televising UT-Kansas State kickball. We're out."

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Good riddance to bad rubbish! Just do it and spare us the drama.


Reveille is a she. Do your homework.

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