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The wait is almost over: the Longhorn Network's first weekend is hard-core volleyball

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Beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday the world of college athletics will never be the same: the Longhorn Network goes live. Can't. Wait. My TV set that is already over-loaded with so much garbage I don't watch will have yet another channel I purposefully avoid.

This is not some anti-UT rant. This is great fun, actually. Take a look at the highlights of this weekend's coverage on the Longhorn Network. Please keep in mind I use the word "highlights" taken directly off the press release. And the following events to be televised are the four highlighted by the press release as well.

8/26 8 p.m. UT women's volleyball vs. Pepperdine. Getting a baby sitter to watch this one.

8/26 10 p.m. Mack Brown All-Access. This is the one he didn't want to do, but this is the behind-the-scenes look at UT football as it prepares to play Rice in the season opener. Here we watch Mack delegate raise money, delegate all major decisions to his assistants, and charm the hell out of boosters, the media, and anyone who comes within a 10 mile radius.

8/27 11:30 a.m. UT women's volleyball vs. Ole Miss. A matchup so bitter matchup I expect possible gun play in the stands among the fans will have me watching this.

8/27 5 p.m. UT women's volleyball vs. Israel National Team. Doesn't count on the scoreboard, but the bragging rights are enormous. Think of the recruiting footprint UT volleyball can establish in the Middle East.

8/28 1 p.m. UT women's soccer vs. Cal State Northridge. This is when you thank God for the DVR.

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Why you gotta hate?




Mac, your DVR is probably full of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Design Star reruns anyway.

Martin A.

The Long Horn Network should be outlawed. Its a big story this year. Gonna be interesting to see how it goes. Unfortunately I think its another bad sign for college athletics.

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