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Thursday a.m. big gulp of coffee: Rangers AL West lead is 2.5 games; Princess Leia dropped 50 lbs.

1. About that commanding lead in the AL West built Faith-Hill-and-Tim-McGraw-Barbie-Figures great starting pitching ...the Red Sox are pounding the Rangers in this series of division leaders.

The Rangers lead in the AL West is down to 2.5 games.

2. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw get their own Barbie Dolls. Not sure if the Tim doll comes with a giant bald spot.

3. The entire Rangers system is killing it these days. No fewer than four of their minor league teams are going to the playoffs, including the Triple A team in Round Rock.

4. Can A&M corner Dustin Harris play both offense and defense?

5. RIP Mike Flanagan.

6. Another story about how painfully hot it is this summer in Texas. This time down in Corpus.

7. I have to include this: A court order in Tyler is stopping a place called the Double D Restaurant Bar & Grill from opening because it's located so close to a Toys R Us.

8. Here is the Baaahstonian view of this Rangers/Red Sox series.

 FA8AD8A9883F2625B3BFABC28BC8EC 9. Princess Leia lost 50 pounds. Can she get into that Return of the Jedi outfit?

10. This story is heart breaking: This fallen Navy SEAL had a dog who won't leave the side of his casket.


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