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Thursday morning boiling hot coffee: Cowboys have their safeties; Steve Nash is a great guy & Lea Michele isn't pretty enough

1. The Cowboys their starting CB and a few hours later complete their secondary with Abe Elam.

2. The Rangers relievers are doing fine if you consider giving up late-inning HRs as fine. Another loss in Detroit.

3. Another reason to like Steve Nash.

4. Really good read from the Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice on the late Bubba Smith.

Lea-michele2 5. Lea Michele was told she wasn't pretty enough for fame. It's rough if that isn't pretty enough.

6. Oh, good, brownouts may be coming. This answer the questions whether this summer can be worse. It can.

7. A good question - is UT's depth good, or average?

8. A release date has been set for the new Clint Eastwood flic starring Leo about J. Edgar Hoover. If it's a Clint movie, wonder how depressing this will be?

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