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Was East coast quake a warning shot at the Redskins?

Mother nature images-1 Part of the responsibility and civic duty of The Big Mac Blog is to ask the questions that the mainstream media won't ask. To ask the questions the other news organizations don't have the courage to ask.

Questions such as ...
Is Elvis dead?
Or the time The Big Mac Blog asked Victoria's Secret Super Model Chanel Iman what size she is.

Now The Big Mac Blog asks: Was the 5.9 earthquake that shook up the eastern seaboard just a sign that Mother Nature is fed up and disgusted with the Dan Snyder ownership of the beloved Washington Redskins?
Read more here about the tremor.

It sounds silly that Mother Nature cares about sports, but considering these tough economic times, we all are trying to create new revenue streams. Mother Nature has bills to pay, too. Her husband got laid off three months ago and he's still out of work despite the fact he has his MBA.

This East Coast quake begs another question, is Mother Nature a gambler? Maybe even a bookie. We've known since pre-school to fear and respect her awesome, sterodian-Bonds like power. Some have so much admiration for Momma Nature that they can make an entire career out of scaring us all to death of her strength (see Gore, Al). 

Now consider just how bad the Skins have been over the past decade, the epicenter of the tremor and this makes some sense that this is a shot at the Redskins. The preseason only has a couple of games left, and despite Washington's win against the Colts in Indy last week in a Fake Football game Mother Nature realizes no team with John Beck or Rex Grossman is going to win.

Daniel+Snyder+Houston+Texans+v+Washington+TsYS7J-oACnl Despite his Muggsy Bogues type stature, Dan Snyder wields a lot of power in a town that covets it. He is not a man to be messed with lightly. But Dan Snyder v. Mother Nature in a cage death match is not something the little fella' can buy his way out of.

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It was God's warning from Baylor for A&M to stay in the Big XII.

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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