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Wednesday badly needed mild coffee blend: What happened to the AL West lead?

1. Wasn't it a week ago the Rangers' lead in the AL West was so big you could order your ALDS tickets? After last night's thumping to Boston, the lead is down to 3.5 games over California. And the Angels come to town on Friday, too.

Images 2. It's been only a few days, but we haven't talked about the potential split between A&M and UT in a while. Here is a good column on it.

3. If you think this drought is bothering you, check San Antonio.

4. Speaking of S.A., the city is ready for Triple A baseball.

5. Wish I was going to be in El Paso tonight; ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons will be there to sign autographs tonight. And I don't much care for autographs.

6. FW/d didn't get the 100 degree record, but Austin is getting close to theirs.

7. Baylor lands a massive RB stud in this Oregon transfer Seastrunk. Wonder if Willie Lyle charged for this?

8. Not that I watch it any more, but Inside the NFL is going to be on Showtime for another three years.

9. Josh Harnett explains that he's been "kinda uninspired to act". This would explain his performances in every movie he's ever made.

10090_0 10. And this girl is the new face of Guess lingerie. I'm pretty sure most dudes aren't too concerned with the face of lingerie as much as the personality.


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