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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett thinks the best player in the NFL plays for the Detroit Lions

Barry_Sanders_Detroit_Lions IRVING - The last time the Detroit Lions ever featured the best player in the NFL his name was Barry Sanders, and he was a bad, bad, bad man. Still think Barry was the best running back who ever lived, but that's a sports bar debate for another blog.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett believes the best player in the NFL right now plays in Detroit again, this time in the form of WR Calvin Johnson. Garrett said as much today at his Wednesday press conference. Red is wrong; the best player in the NFL must be a QB, but Johnson may at least be the best receiver in the NFL.

Whomever from the Cowboys tries to cover this guy on Sunday, Godspeed.

Calvin Johnson is proof that former Lions GM Matt Millen was not totally clueless when it came to drafting wide receivers. Millen's philosophy of spending first round picks on WRs until one hit eventually came up big with Johnson. Take a look ...

2007: No. 2 pick - Calvin Johnson, Ga Tech
2005: No. 10 pick - Mike Williams, USC
2004: No. 7 pick - Roy Williams, Texas
2003: No. 2 pick- Charles Rodgers, Michigan State

Calvin-johnson-pictures (19) Watching Johnson play and develop you can see why Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was so tempted to sell the farm to trade up for Johnson in the '07 draft. Johnson was selected only behind LSU QB JaMarcus Russell, who went to the Raiders (nice pick, Al). In case you are wondering, the Cowboys took Anthony Spencer with the 26th pick.

Anyway ... Johnson has developed into the player the Lions needed. He is a matchup from hell. Listed at 6-foot-5, 236 pounds, Johnson is a total freak. He has 16 receptions for 225 yards with 6 TDs in three games this season. As long as Matthew Stafford is able to throw to this guy, Johnson may not be the best player in the game but very close to it.

And he allows Matt Millen to look at his history of drafting players and say, "Yeah ... I nailed that one."


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Matt Millen is the biggest joke of a GM EVER!!!!! He has zero credibility. How many draft picks did he throw away!??? He is the Ryan Leaf of NFL Executives. Why the Ford family stood by him as long as they did is a total mystery.

Mike Brown

Matt Millen is easily the best GM in football. He could really improve our team. Maybe he could help us draft another 15 or so wide recievers.

Timmy O

Time to Cowboy up. The thang against the Redskins was just a test. My Boys need to play better and get behind Romo. He is our leader. We can do this thang but we gotta stick together. Cowboy up baby!

JT Walsh

The boys from Detroit are for real this year. Cowboys better play better than they did against the Redskins. If you were looking at the schedule before the begining of the season I would have thought the Cowboys would be looking good and rolling, but Detroit is gonna suit up and play us tuff. T Romo and the squad better be ready.

Jason C

I am a long time Cowboys fan, but this team from Detroit is exciting. Good quarterback, excellent recievers, and a stingy defense. Strap on your chin straps boys and girls. We've got a game to play and they will be hitting hard.

JIm Merritt

Lost: You are SO VERY WRONG about the worst GM, that trophy belongs right here with the cows, although Al gives Jaharry a close run for the trophy. Just think about the wasted 1st round picks for Joey and Roy.

Jay B.

I respectfully submitt; of tenured NFL GM's in the last 20 years, Matt Millen is more than just a stand out for being lousy. Matt Millen is a truely a contender for worst GM. He took so many bad players and coaches. Look his the record of the teams he put together. They were lousy AND the Ford family still stood by him. I would think the only NFL job he could get after illustrious time in Detroit would be selling programs or tearing tickets. I loved watching him. His career as a GM was a total train wreck.

On a positive note, I am thrilled to see Detroit playing a better brand of football. They are exciting and fun to watch. They are going to give us a handful this sunday.

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