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Dear Baylor & TCU - Now would be a good time to bury the hatchet

Funny, but with all of this realignment and expansion talk no school, or conference, is mentioning now how "academically" this school or that school is in perfect alignment. Wonder why that hasn't been mentioned? Because when I think of the SEC, my first thought is how Vanderbilt is academically aligned with Alabama.

In the Big 10, the same with Northwestern and Ohio State.

Anyways ...

Baylor-cheerleaders News that the Big East is being raided by the ACC, and the Pac Whatever is stealing the top schools out of the Big 12, has effectively scared the living hell out of everyone in and around TCU, and Baylor. The respective suits at these schools are terrified they are going to be CUSA'd. They should be.

Every single time TCU thinks it has "gotten in" something, or someone, slaps the Frogs in the face.

Baylor - you need to drop however superior you felt back in the mid '90s when a certain former alum forced the SWC and Big 8. Despite massive improvements, national titles and Top 25 rankings across the board from your athletic department you are in an unenviable spot. You're good, but no one wants you.

TCU, whatever hard feelings from your exclusion from the cool kids' club, should be dropped. Baylor may need TCU, and vice versa.

If UConn does as reported and leaves the Big East for the ACC the Big East football membership will look like this:
South Florida
West Virginia

Assuming Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech will flee the Big 12, that conference will be left with:

Missouri+v+Kansas+fQ5oqksGn7bl Iowa State
Kansas State

Missouri wants out of this thing so badly, and would gladly become the whipping boy of the Big 10, or SEC. The Tigers don't care. 

When the dust finally settles from this charade of lunacy, the Big East football membership could potentially look like this:

The Big East Conference:
South Florida
West Virginia
Iowa State
Kansas State

This isn't awful. TCU, West Virginia, Baylor and South Florida are all ranked in the Top 20 right now.
As for basketball and the rest ... who cares? The ADs don't. This is all about football TV sets.

This sort of expansion could be just enough to keep its BCS status, and inclusion in the cool kids' club.

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Jim Kauhs

As much as it hurts to admit it - and it hurts really bad - Mr Engel speaks the truth.


It was one Mac Engel who kept referring to a story he wrote last year (backed only by an unnamed source) that TCU was trying to keep Baylor out of the MWC. I don't think TCU and Baylor will have any problem working together unless you succeed in stirring up a problem, Mac. Del Conte issued a late night, specific denial of your claim and, I suppose, your position is that Del Conte lied because you doubled down. Are you ready to name your source?


I mentioned the Baylor-TCU nexus to friends this weekend. Can we change the name of the conference though? Basketball league looks pretty stout as well.

scott c

i'm all for baylor and tcu being together going forward. if it were up to me the two wouldve never been apart. its a good rivalry and that game needs to be played every year.


I think both schools want to be in the same conference, especially in light of these events. Long-standing rivalry both sides care about, and an even all-time record. A spirited rivalry would be good for both programs and their new conference.

I don't think there's any superior attitude from Baylor. Sure some message boarders talk trash, but that's the norm across all of sports. Most Baylor fans and our leadership have tremendous respect for what TCU has done and are doing.

I also don't think anyone in authority at TCU really has any connection or hard feelings about the breakup of the SWC. Some donors, reporters (ehem, Engel), and old fans might, but the decision makers aren't that petty.

While I agree with the gist of this post, I think it's preaching to the choir. This sounds more like Engel advising himself. I can assure that TCU and Baylor have been way ahead of you Mr. Engel. You're just now catching up.


I'm a Baylor alum - and have missed the TCU rivalry all these years. Sept 2nd was an awesome game. I hope TCU-Baylor can link back up and feel it would be foolish not to do so.


Despite the fact you are a raging hypocrit to suggest this. You are right. FTR: Baylor did NOT keep TCU out of the Big12 and we have no desire to do anything but work together moving forward. Its TCU alumni and press in my opinion that needs to put the past in the past. I know we (Baylor) are ready for that.

Brad Ford

The problem with your plan is that WV is likely to move to the SEC and Rutgers is going to the ACC or Big 10.

SMU, TCU, Baylor, Kansas, K State, Houston, Iowa St, Central Florida, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati,
and BYU need to form a conference.

Leroy Smith

Our Frogs have spent years and millions to establish ourselves as a national contender in all sports (oops, except basketball). Had the "then" current gov not stepped in and put Baylor in the Big 12, TCU would not have had the motivation to improve like we've done.
Now we're going to be asked to take a step back? Sometimes things happen out of our control, but it's still hard to swallow.
Our incredible facilities, bowl victories and national exposure might all be for nothing if we have to join another non-aq league full of Baylors and SMUs. That's hard for the Rose Bowl Champions to take.
But our Frogs will continue to improve, and win, no matter what league we're in. BRING ON A PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!

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