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Fearless Friday football prediction$ - Time to adore the Aggies

The Big Mac Blog began this season with $50 of Monopoly money. I plan to mock bet, against the line, five games from college or the NFL every week to determine whether I should make my second career as a gambler.

I have been plus $10 every week for a total cash value of plus $30. 

This week's picks  ...

1. Notre Dame (-12) at Purdue. The Irish. The Boilermakers are bad, and the Irish are going to be better than their 0-2 start.

2. Ole Miss at Fresno State (-3.5). Bulldogs. Ole Miss is just that bad.

Fresno-state-football-bulldog-at-game-fsu-f-x-00030md 3. Texas A&M (-3) v. Arkansas. Aggies. 

4. Falcons (-4.5) at Seattle. Falcons.

5. Steelers at Texans (-4). Steelers.

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Janet Shirley

I like all your pics except the Steelers vs Texans. If I were a gambler I wouldn't want to touch that game.

Good luck!

You are doing well so far!


You have no faith in the rebels. You lose.

Rebels are going to win out.

Write it down.

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