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Formal application to become the next commissioner of the Big 12 Conference

Dan-beebe (In the wake of this stunning development out of OKC that the Sooners will remain in the Big 12 provided Big 12 boss Dan Beebe is replaced I am formally applying for the job.)


Dear Big 12 Conference,

My name is Mac Engel and I write for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Please consider this my formal application for the position of Big 12 Conference commissioner.

Never before has the state of college athletics required a deft touch of politicking, and forward thinking. I am the perfect candidate to lead your conference for the next 20 years.

Please consider,

CAREER GOAL: To keep intact what should be a wonderful collegiate athletic conference in the central United States, and to take away the University of Texas' rubber-stamp.

* I am not Dan Beebe. 

* The first and only time I was fired was my first job mowing my neighbor's yard when I was 13. I would talk about it more but it's still hung up in the courts. She didn't understand I had to be home by dark.

* I am not Dan Beebe.

* Passed both the SAT, and ACT

* I am not Dan Beebe.

* University of Kansas, bachelor of science, class of 1995. Was going to graduate with honors, but I decided against it because I didn't want to make anybody look bad.

* I am not Dan Beebe.

* TCU, Master's degree, 1998. Worked in the TCU athletic department as a graduate assistant, at the end of which we were nearly all either fired, or let go.

* I am not Dan Beebe.

* Have no interest in washing DeLoss Dodds' car, or picking up Mack Brown's dry cleaning.

* I am not Dan Beebe.

IMG_0809_1 REFERENCES: Miss Ellie (text her first; she's a dog)  

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mac Engel

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Jim Kaush

You have my vote as long as you bring TCU into the fold...

Jim Kauhs

You have my vote as long as you bring TCU into the fold...




That dog is the best!

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