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Friday drive through: One very esteemed baseball writer picks the Rangers to win the World Series

Eva-longoria-10 Didn't expect this one, but funnyman Steve Carell is picked to star in a movie about the story of wrestler John du Pont.

Thanks, Bank of America. Now I get to pay $5 for using my ATM card. Because I know you're going broke, too.

This answers the question of what do Eva Longoria and Tina Fey have in common.

And now ...

I am not one to link much to ESPN, mostly because it doesn't need to help, but Rangers nation needs to see this one.

Jayson Stark of ESPN is picking your Texas Rangers to defeat the Phillies in the World Series.

Stark is not one to just offer an opinion to generate ratings or clicks. His reasoning behind this decision is pretty solid.
He believes the team that clinches a division too early, has the best regular season record and features the "best rotation" does not always win the World Series. And he offers some stats to back it up. The Phillies did all three.

Plus, he says, the Rangers feature the type of balanced lineup and quality left-handed starters that can give the Phillies fits.

Not sure if I totally agree, but it's a compelling argument ... and I hope he's right.


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Billy Bob Thornton

He's right!!! Rangers win the World Series!!!! You heard it here!!!

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