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Hope Solo DWTS Update - The dream lives!

Hope-Solo-and-Maksim-Chmerkovskiy-Jive-Dancing-with-the-Stars I do realize there is a lot going on in the FW/d sports scene - North Texas just won a football game - but it's my job to update the masses who missed Hope Solo's performance on Dancing With the Not Stars.

Hope trumps the news that Nancy Grace apparently suffered an unintentional wardrobe malfunction sans Justin Timberlake on the show. Apparently the bag fell off of her head.

I digress ...

The song Hope danced to last night is so bad it makes me want to shove glue in my ears.
But to watch this video with the sound down is a good way to begin any day ...



The truth is Hope can't dance, but ... who cares?


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Love Hope Solo! Go Hope!

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