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TCU's new conference already losing members; could potentially hurt BCS status

Chris+Del+Conte+TCU+Accepts+Invitation+Join+pHxnWOaidf0l The reason TCU wanted the Big East was the guaranteed spot in the BcS. But the very recent news that the conference may lose two schools could potentially damage that standings in the exclusive college football country club.

This charade won't stop any time soon, as now the New York Times is reporting that both Syracuse and Pitt are attempting to leave the Big East for the ACC.

This would be a major blow to The Big East, as both teams are vital to the conference's football membership. Losing both in basketball wouldn't help, but considering the stupid depth of this league it won't be crippling.

Just in terms of numbers, The Big East can't afford to lose football schools. Should both Pitt and Syracuse leave, this is what conference football membership would look like:

1. TCU
2. South Florida
3. West Virginia
4. Cincinnati
5. Louisville
6. Rutgers
7. Connecticut 

Seven schools in a BCS league? That's not enough. Maybe it can join what is left of the Big 12. It needs to do something; the league better get on the horn and start begging Notre Dame, or steal some school from another conference. Washington State anyone?

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blame the Long Horn Network for the shake up. lhn is the biggest story in sports this year. its anybodys guess how it will all turn out

Ed C.

TCU is at a good spot considering the circumstances. They just came off a GREAT YEAR, have good talent this year, should do well..... some confrence is going to value them. I don't see them doing any worse than they were before the Long Horn Network showed up. Some quality confrence or at least equal to what they have now will want them. TCU will be fine

Jose Paz

looks like you jumped on to a sinking ship.


How about TCU just stays in the MWC with Boise, Air Force and a pretty darn good San Diego State team and then the MWC can get the Big Least's BCS slot!

Dave P

Any chance Notre Dame was going to join the Big East in football (which was close to 0% anyway) in now gone. Completely. So it's a joke to even mention it. Read your list of football teams still in the conference. BCS Conference...please! West Virginia is the only program remotely close to being considered big time. And TCU is never going to be a power conference program (in the new world) no matter how well their football team plays...because they just aren't a big enough University.

LV stores

Wow. I've been reading your stuff for about a year now and this is basically the only sh*t I dont agree with. Give atleast a little credit where credit is due. Kobe got his ass kicked by this so called fluke. So what? Chill out. No one said the Rockets were the best team.

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