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The Big 12 has a Missouri problem, which has a Missouri problem, too

1046647 IRVING - As a Kansas alum I am morally obligated to despise the University of Missouri Junior College, and its overhyped school of journalism. Even I have to admit I don't understand why this school is treated like Missouri State Junior College.

It is centrally located between Kansas City and St. Louis, has a large enrollment, a big alumni base and a decent athletic department. The football team wins now. The basketball team is always competitive. This is an attractive school, yet somehow it's never quite attractive enough.

"I've been trying to figure out the same thing since I got there," Dallas Cowboys tight end Martin Rucker TOLD ME on Wednesday; he's a Mizzou alum. "It's not just this, it's a lot of things. It's the Orange Bowl back in '07, and it is what it is."

Last year it was the Big 10 flirting with MU, only to say it had found a better date later leaving the Tigers only slightly embarrassed, and the Big 12 irate. Now it's the SEC, or maybe it isn't.

Neither of those conference really needs Missouri, but the Big 12 really, really does. If Missouri actually does get an invite from the 13-team SEC, which for the moment says it's OK with 13, the Tigers have to take it. But it's as if the SEC is pulling a Big 10 and waiting to see if it can get someone hotter to join before settling on Mizzou. If MU leaves the Big 12 is considerably weaker across the board, which is why Big 12 interim commish Chuck Neinas is actively recruiting MU on the pros of staying. 

Mf_LR_peteL "I was a fan of the Big 12 but now I'd like to see them go to the SEC. I just think it's kinda done," Rucker said. "But seeing things are the way they are, we have to jump before we get left out. I think the SEC is a better conference to go to and I think it will help us recruit, especially in the south."

Prediction: The SEC is going to Big 10 Missouri, again, and the Tigers will stay put.

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Missouri Hater

i love your characterization of Missouri. i hate them too. booooo missiouri!!!!!! i hope they wind up in some division we've never heard of. maybe the cfl or the lfl will take them.

Nick Frecsia

I think Missouri belongs in the Big 10. Their style of play, the personality of the program, and it just strikes me as a 'midwestern' type school. That said, if the SEC comes knocking the Tigers would be crazy not to jump. The Big 10 hasn't been great in a long time. The SEC has been THE BEST of THE BEST for a very long time. Sad to see things changing with the Confrences but time marchs on and change is inevitable.

SEC Gator

MO doesn't belong in the SEC. SEC is without question, the best confrence. Peroid. I hope they don't get an invitation

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