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Wednesday drive through: The final day of the MLB season's meaning

Images Jennifer Lopez is saying she is rising above the divorce talk gossip.  Good for her; she's had plenty of practice.

Sunday night will be a sad day - Andy Rooney is retiring

And now ... after 13 months of the MLB regular season, we have finally arrived to the final day. The Big Mac Blog speaks for everybody in saying, Thank God.

While we can't get enough of Red Sox gag, there are a few other games that matter as well.

Red Sox at Orioles, 6 p.m. CT

Lester (15-9, 3.49 ERA) v. Simon (4-9, 4.85 ERA)
ESPN is said to be airing a four-hour pre-game show on its home team. Lester is going on short rest to try to give the Red Sox a chance to prevent this epic collapse. I thought the Red Sox and their Moneyball ways would prevent such a thing?

Yankees at Rays 6 p.m. CT
TBD v. Price (12-13 3.35 ERA)
Does anyone in Tampa know it has a baseball team, outside of the spring training home of the Yankees?

Indians at Tigers 6:05 CT
McAllister (0-1, 8.53 ERA) v. Porcello (14-9, 4.76 ERA)
The Tigers need this and a Rangers loss to finish second in the AL.

Rangers at Angels 7:05 CT
Harrison (14-9, 3.46 ERA) at Richards (0-2, 8.00 ERA)
No one is noticing, but the Rangers are in prime position to return to the WS.


Cardinals at Astros 7 p.m. CT

Carpenter (10-9, 3.59 ERA) v. Myers (7-13, 4.31 ERA)
Tony LaRussa should be fired if the Cardinals lose 2 of 3 to the Astros at any point this season, or given a lifetime extension if he gets this team to the playoffs.
Myers has been seriously hot the past month. 

Phillies at Braves 6 p.m. CT
Tim-hudson Blanton (1-2, 5.03 ERA) v. Hudson (16-10, 3.23)
This is the one pitching matchup that favors the Braves in this series. The Braves are privately praying the Red Sox lose so maybe no one will notice their gag is equally as impressive.


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Jo Ann Vallenari

i'm so glad baseball season is over. what a grind.

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