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Workout Wednesdays: Yoga-ing at Indigo Yoga

Images FORT WORTH - Yoga sounds like a workout that requires a Yanni song, such as Reflections of Passion or World Dance, or perhaps a great John Tesh tune. But if you allow yourself to get past a yoga instructors requests of, "Breeeaaaaattthhhhhheee" or "Listen to your inner kitten" you will soon learn that yoga is a killer workout.

It does, however, require some time and an open mind. Fort Worth now features a number of yoga studios, among them Indigo Yoga. This studio has a class for pretty much from beginning level to expert, Zen-master such and such.

In the past decade yoga has evolved from Zen-master breathing workouts for moms to balls-out sweat sessions that pro athletes use as well as average Jane and Joes who are trying to drop weight. There seems to be a class specifically designed for whatever your needs. Be sure to be ready to sweat like a dog in Texas, don't worry that you aren't strong enough to do everything just yet - some of these poses are a Mitch - be sure to breathe, and most likely be prepared for a healthy dose of meditation as well.

Yoga_top That last part - the introspection - isn't for everybody but it doesn't mean you have to do it. But it also doesn't mean you should bring your iPod to rock out to Scorpions while everyone else is trying to find a happy place in their own sweat.  

This thing works to drop weight, and serves as a hard-core workout that can complement weight lifters to runners. If you want some muscle tone, yoga works. You want to lose weight, yoga works. If you want a good stretch, yoga works.

There are so many variations and forms of yoga you can easily get overwhelmed when scouting this classes. You can go from the super-slow yoga classes that can take as much as 90 minutes, to the lunch-friendly 55-minute classes that are a bit more intensive and leave you feeling like you really just worked out.

Indigo is a pretty good place to start, particularly for a beginner.

The drawbacks are that it takes a decent amount of time - door to door probably two hours - and it is not cheap. Prepare for $10 a class. Because of the influx of yoga classes and yoga studios all over the U.S. the competition has reduced some prices, slightly, and you can get deals here and there.

This type of workout can be life changing, and totally addictive. There are some people who will do this as many as seven times a week. 

Do a little bit of scouting on this type of workout before you try it, but it is worth your time. 

Indigo Yoga
4812 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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