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Because it's never too soon to whine about the painful length of postseason baseball

L5445220 Baseball ... please ... can you act like those who watch your games have a life? Your season begins in the second week of February, and runs through the end of October. This is like NASCAR, only longer.
You play every night of the week, and your games have become so eternally long that it's like watching The Godfather every night.

Playoff baseball is fantastic - the drama is so intense and painful - but the length of these games makes watching them a sleep-fighting proposition.

Look at the length of these postseason games so far:

Game 1: NY v. Det - 3 hrs 26 min
Game 2: NY v. Det - 3 hrs 34 min
Game 3: NY v. Det - 3 hrs 14 min

Game 1: TB v. Tex - 3 hrs
Game 2: TB v. Tex - 3 hrs 28 min
Game 3: TB v. Tex - 3 hrs 51 min

Game 1: Stl v. Phi - 2 hrs 55 min
Game 2: Stl v. Phi - 3 hrs 22 min

Game 1: Az v. Mil - 2 hrs 44 min
Game 2: Az v. Mil - 3 hrs 29 min

439x Baseball is a great game, but the length of games has just become punishing to watch. People have to go to work, get their kids to bed, etc.

Please, HURRY UP!

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I agree. The games are crazy long. I'm done with baseball. If I were a doctor, or unemployed, or were a student I would watch but the games are just too long.


Danielle - please feel free to turn your television to another channel.


I agree. These games just seem to go on and on. It's aweful. I hate watching. And why is the season so long. Baseball is great if you have nothing else to do with your life. And what about the people that play Fantasy Baseball????? That must be 10x as painful. I'm over baseball.

Candice R.

It's boring as heck. This article was more exciting than baseball is. The games usually have some moments, some good story lines, and sometimes even some hugely exciting plays, but on the whole I agree; the games take too long.

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