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"Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the (Cardinals) win it!"

400. my headline, but it was 25 years ago this year that the Red Sox were unable to end the curse against the Mets on the road and blew a two-run lead in Game 6 in historic fashion that is part of sports' lore

Not sure where to exactly begin, but twice the Texas Rangers were one-strike away from winning their first World Series and instead they will play Game 7 in St. Louis on Friday night.

Cardinals 10, Rangers 9 in 11 innings in 4 hours and 33 minutes.

"I understand it's not 'til you get that last out," Rangers manager Ron Washington said in the press conference after the game. "I was praying to we would get that last out and we didn't."

Brutal. How the Rangers come back to win Game 7 will be ... surprising. History says when you have a series as in the bag as this was and don't close it out you're done. Regardless, this has been a great series and deserves to go to the whole way. 

Neftali Feliz, Darren Oliver, Scott Feldman ... take your pick. The Rangers had two run leads in the bottom of the ninth and tenth and were unable to hold either. 

Reportedly the families were in the Rangers' locker room, as was the champagne only for all of it to be removed. Twice. Even Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa had been told to thank the fans after the game during the Rangers' celebration.

But once this game went to Mark Lowe in the bottom of the 11th it was over. 

Washington's decision to take down Feldman with two outs on and one on in the top of the 11th was the end. Esteban German pinch hitting for Feldman was a dud. Mike Napoli was on first, and was not going to score on anything but a triple or home run. German grounded out weakly to set up Lowe serving up David Freese's walkoff HR.

Washington should have white-flagged the inning to keep Feldman in the game and wait for the best hitters in his lineup to score.

There are so many aspects to this game that can be second-guessed, on both sides, but the Rangers and Washington are going to face the worse of it. They deserve it.

The Rangers will need the best short-term memory loss of their lives to get over this one.


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What a game!!! Go Rangers!!! One more game!


Disagree with your second-guessing of the move to pinch-hit for Feldman. Do you really want a guy with 14 career at-bats walking to the plate in extra innings of a potential Series-clinching game? Outs are the most precious commodity in the game, and it makes no sense to give one away in the 11th inning.

That at-bat wasn't so much about "scoring a run" as it was about "extending the inning". If German gets on base, suddenly the Rangers have the top of the order coming to the plate, all of whom had multiple hits already.

There's no question that German had a much better chance to reach base than Feldman. Therefore, the decision to pinch-hit was correct. The lack of success does not invalidate the correctness of the strategy.

Ned C.

I think all of us would agree; tuff night last night

Wiped Out

What a game!!!!! I'm pulling for the Rangers but as a fan of baseball, what could you not like about last night's game other than the outcome.



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