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Between Texas & Florida the best football these days is in Houston

A crushing blow to romantics everywhere - that Kardashian who married that stiff from the Nets is divorcing.


Brandi_texans_2_test3Having just returned from watching the Eagles put a serious beat down on the Cowboys I am saddened by the fact that the best teams in the great state of Texas reside in Houston. You can even throw the football-mad state of Florida into this equation and H-Town still is playing the best ball right now.

The Texans are 5-3 and play in such a horrid division they are finally going to go to the playoffs just in time to save Gary Kubiak's job, even though they won't get out of the first round. The Houston Cougars are a threat to the BCS.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are 3-4 and on the fast-track to 8-8.

In the college world ... 

For the second time in as many years we find that none of the big money teams in this state can hang on to their Top 25 rankings.

The University of Houston and record-setting QB Case Keenum are currently the only Division I football team in either state ranked in the AP Top 25. The Coogs are 8-0 and ranked 14th this week. Given their CaseKeenum_001weak remaining schedule and insane offense they could very easily become a BCS team.

As for other Texas teams? Disappointing.

Texas A&M is 5-3, and in all three of its losses the Aggies had double-digit halftime leads. Two of those three games were at Kyle Field while the other was in Arlington at JerryWorld.

Texas is 5-2 but it's a shaky 5-2. 
Texas Tech is 5-3 and managed to get blown out at home by Iowa State one week after going to Norman and defeating No. 1 Oklahoma.
Baylor is 4-3 and proving that one man can't beat an entire team by himself. 
SMU is 5-3 and continues to improve under June Jones, but they aren't going to the Top 25. 
UTEP is 4-4 as Mike Price clings on to his job.
Rice still has a football team and is 2-6.
TCU is 6-2; any shot the Frogs' have of finishing the season in the Top 25 depends on what they do at Boise State in two weeks.

For all the hype that Texas football receives we here in the great state don't have to listen to the superiority of the game in Florida.
There are no Top 25 teams from Florida, either. 

Tony-Sparano1In the NFL, the Bucs are 4-3, the Jaguars are 2-6 and the Dolphins are 0-7.

So much for the best football coming from Texas or Florida.


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I didn't get past the first paragraph, but I can unequivocally say this is your best blog post yet!


There are no Top 25 teams from Florida, either.

Wow you hate the Cougars that much that within 2 paragraphs you forget we're top 15 and your name Deloss Dodds by any chance?

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