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Big Mac Blog immediate ALDS reaction: Signing Adrian Beltre may work out

Adrian+Beltre+Texas+Rangers+v+Tampa+Bay+Rays+8atQUSYNVnOl The Rangers are returning to the AL Championship Series after winning yet another series in Tampa. I want to feel sorry for the Little Rays, but I can't because no one cares there to go enough to the games. 

So ... this has been six months in the makings: Kudos to the pride of Cornell University, Rangers GM Jon Daniels for his decision to sign Adrian Beltre in the offseason. I was so completely against this move because I was convinced Beltre would prove to be a guy who only brought it in a contract year. And to give a 32-year-old a six-year, $96 million contract just seemed the type of "We have all of this new Bob Simpson money that was ear marked for Cliff Lee, we need to blow it somewhere." If memory serves, Lance Berkman said as much.

Cough-cough .... I may have been juuuuuust a bit wrong about that. 

In his first year with Los Rangers, Beltre batted .296 with 32 HRs, 105 RBI and 33 2B. He was the perfect pickup after the Rangers let 2010 DH Vlad Guerrero leave in the offseason. Beltre was the upgrade defensively at third base over Michael Young that Daniels so coveted. There is no AL West title without Beltre.

And Beltre is the reason the Rangers finished off the Rays in Game 4 today. He went 3 for 4 with 3 home runs.  

If the Rangers win a World Series and Beltre never plays another game for the team, he will still be worth it.


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It's baseball. They are all over paid. I wish the owners would lock them out and force a new cba. But if you can live with the price of the steak, Beltre is still solid. I think he was another good pick up, but he costs a lot, but the guy has a good bat.


Beltre is a quality player. I don't like the price they paid but he still has some good baseball in him.

Pepper B.

I love Beltre and the Rangers. I never miss a game. Beltre has been a disappointment realative to what I think he is capable in Texas. The guy has had some great years but for reasons I still dont understand I think he is still underpreforming. I keep hoping the atmosphere in Texas, winning, and the fan support will help elevate his game. Beltre has a lot of good plays in him. The Rangers and the fans would love to see him reach his potential. Especially this time of year. GO RANGERS

Jenny Mike

Before reading this post I was stumbled. But after reading this I found it baseball post. :) Found it as a informative. Thanks!

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