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Cheerleader Chat

Sorry for the delay ...

320971_219953538059628_105264996195150_507967_2045206018_n Katy Youngblade of Iowa State University joins this week's version of Cheerleader Chat

Age: 19 (I share a birthday with Breve Favre; 10/10)
Major: Apparel Merchandising
Minor: Event management and business
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa (next to the borders of Nebraska and South Dakota)

What do you want to be when you grow up: An inventor, a singer, the President, a NASA engineer, a doctor, a professional dancer, a news anchor, and a mom

Favorite pro sports team: Love the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but Go PACKERS! Green Bay all the way.

Favorite athlete: Clay Matthews of the Packers
Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite book: The Twilight saga
Favorite guilty pleasure song: Britney Spears - Crazy. Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift

Best thing about Iowa State University: ISU cheerleading! Super friendly people. Tri Delta sorority. A beautiful campus. And a boy to girl ratio of 4 to 1!

Ever been injured cheerleading: Yes. Football players are not the only ones taking big hits. Last year at camp I was trying to learn how to throw an all-girl basket (I'm on a co-ed squad). When we caught the flyer, myself and the other thrower smashed faces and I bit through my lip into my chin. I had to stitches under my lip and she had to get two stitches into her chin.
This year I was doing a quarter-turn cradle; my partner forgot that I was spinning and cradling. I caught myself with my head and got a concussion (in front of 55,000 people).

321623_216568225064826_105264996195150_499358_2013747466_n Most embarrassing moment: Many uniform malfunctions.

Any good creey moments to share: I love people watching so I am probably pretty creepy myself when I watch our awesome fans tailgate.

Are the Cyclones going to beat Texas this weekend ... again?: Without a doubt. The only time I have seen a Texas/ISU game was last year when we won. Go Cyclones!




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Trisha H.

We love 'Cheer Chat'! But when are you going to inteview some cute guys!

Jus Mate 5

yeah we want some cute guys being ntervewed too..

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