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C.J. Wilson wants to be made to feel "special"

Cj_wilsonC.J. Wilson is 0-3 with a 6.08 ERA in five postseason starts in 2011.
In the 2010 playoffs, he went 1-2 with a 3.70 ERA in four starts.

And very shortly he will become the biggest free agent pitching prize on the market. I certainly stand by my claim before Game 5 of the World Series that the Rangers should let this guy go once the bidding goes stupid, which it will.

Wilson appeared on the Ben and Skin show this week and said that he wants to stay with the Rangers saying: "At some point you need to be made to feel special. If you have a girlfriend or a wife or whatever -- maybe both, some people like to party -- if you don't make them feel special, eventually they feel neglected and they feel left out. Texas is going to have their chance to do that after the World Series is over and we'll go from there."

This is what happens in free agency: Another team is going to make C.J. feel really wanted and desired and special and just pound him with cash because he is left-handed and is 31-15 over his last two seasons as a starter for a World Series team. That's pretty legit. His head will surely expand during the free agent courtship.

But when/if he doesn't live up to the massive contract he will surely sign, those special feelings may not exist any more.

Of course, a few extra million dollars in the bank may be all that he needs.

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Larten C.

give him the dough. the guy can pitch

Colt Hawker

The guy can pitch but no way should he get Cliff Lee money. Love to have him back just not for crazy money (and its all crazy money)

Todd Young

They are all over paid if you ask me

Melissa Ribinskas

Getting a World Series ring would be pretty special...maybe he should work on actually winning a post-season game. Winning on your home field could be even more special, but when you blow the All-Star game you don't get that either. Does it make him feel special to be the only pitcher to have lost the All Star Game, a DS game, a CS game and as World Series game in a single season? What could be more special than that?
I hope he takes the money and runs as far away as he can get.

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