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Dear Terrell Owens, let it go ...

65657591In a 24/7 media world we can never not have enough content, and Terrell Owens came through again. For the last time. I debated whether to opine about Mr. Owens, but his workout yesterday that yielded no NFL teams attending is too easy to miss.

T.O. ran routes without his shirt on, and looks like he is in fantastic shape. He's always been in fantastic shape.

His agent, Mr. Drew Rosenhaus, said Owens' workout created a lot of buzz. He's not lying. A lot of my media brothers and sisters are taking this opportunity to rip the blank out of Owens for continuing to be what he always has been: A narcissist. I have no idea how Owens could not be. He's surrounded by more sycophants than Monty Burns. He reminds me of that dude from the New Jersey housewives show ... only considerably  better looking.

450x388-alg_teresa_giudiceBut let us take a moment to ponder what NFL team may want the services of a 37-year-old WR who never really liked learning offenses, can't get off the jam, and is a known pain in a locker room.

- No team in the AFC East.
- The Ravens need a WR, but GM Ozzie Newsome wouldn't do this. So no team in the AFC North. 
- The AFC South is so bad it may no longer be in the NFL, but considering the Texans traded for Derek Mason I can't see them going for T.O.
- The Raiders? Never know. Al Davis is dead, but the team's painfully stupid trade for Carson Palmer suggests his legacy lives in Oakland.

- The NFC East? Mike Shanahan won't do this in D.C., where they really do need a receiver.
- A big N-O on the NFC North.
- Tampa Bay is 4-3 and the youngest team in the league, but I can't see coach Raheem Morris doing this.
- It would be fun to watch Steve Smith and T.O. trying to share the same QB in Carolina, but it won't happen.
- And the NFC West is the AFC South.

The NFL has moved on from Terrell Owens, only no one is being honest with him about his situation - he will no longer play football for a living. Of all the things Terrell Owens has done as a professional, this transition promises to be harder than anything he's done before.

The T.O. Show is done, and there is no popcorn.


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Guys like TO break my heart. Gobs of talent and a .5 cent head. He is still a decent enough talent to be playing. But he could care less about his team. He wants his money, his stats, his bling, and his way. In the NFL, and in life, it isn't always that way. Sometimes you gotta keep your mouth shut and make a few sacrafices for the benefit of the team. TO was a team guy when it made sense for his persona, or his stats, or his pocket book. I remeber James Lofton playing well into his 30's at a time before players routinely played till mid to late 30's. The guy has the body, the hands, and could probably make a few plays for somebody but I just don't see anybody buying the fact that he would do what's in the best interest of others. The guy has spelled "TO", "ME" too many times.

I agree with you. I hope he took good care of his money and has some true friends. It can be a bit lonely out there.

Instead of workouts and showing off his body and skillz he should have shopped himself showing how humble and how much of a team player he can.

If Rosenhouse gets him a job in the league I'm hiring him as my head hunter.


look at that picture. can he be juiced any more than that????? nice body. tons of drugs


Loved him when he was with Philly and San Fransisco. He is older than old. NEXT.

Colt Hawker

Terrell was done back when he started the TO show.

Randy Moss Fan

Its too bad TO is out of football. Loved his game. His mouth and persona were more than I could take most of the time but it's hard to argue with what he did on the field. He still has enough in the tank to play but he 'trash' talked himself out of The League. Its too bad. He would be fun to watch if he could stomach a little humble pie every now and then.

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