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Gary Patterson opens both barrels at the officials, and SMU

L5487204 FORT WORTH - My intention was to ask Gary Patterson about his defense at his weekly presser on Tuesday, instead GP handed those in attendance something entirely different.

GP was still hot about a pair of items stemming from TCU's 40-33 OT loss at home against SMU on Saturday. He's mad at the referees, and at SMU. 

1.) SMU.
Gary took exception to a few things from SMU, so we will start with coach June Jones' post-game comments about how TCU is not hard to prepare for because they never change.
And Gary wasn't too happy with the handful of SMU players who immediately after the game ended on Saturday ran across the field to openly taunt the TCU sidelines. 

"June Jones said we never change," GP said. "I think June Jones is 1-8 against TCU since he was at Hawaii (and SMU). I don't think he's changed that much either. ... I don't go there."

Sure you do. Embrace it. From the sounds of it, Gary is done with SMU. Probably June Jones, too.

"Don't look for any help coming from us ever again," GP said. "SMU got a lot of help from us over the last three or four years. They are not going to get any help about a game or a conference; they are going to get no help from Gary Patterson. Don't ask me about anything. We've bent over backwards to help them because that's what I believe in."

Gary mentioned how TCU has provided to SMU examples of how it has built its program, from its academic parameters to other specifics as well. Gary is known to be pretty open to other Texas schools who call and ask for guidance, assistance, etc. What Gary expressed on Tuesday was a man who helped, and then was spit on.

"You didn't hear me say anything in 2005 after they beat us and (then coach) Phil Bennett said 'TC-Who?' All I know is I can name the three losses (he's had against SMU) in 14 years," he said.

NgXoA.St.58 (Don't expect too many more touchy-feely June Jones/Gary Patterson moments like this)

Gary also touched on an issue that still lingers around TCU, and most likely a decent amount of Fort Worth, too: the D/FW inferiority complex.

"To be honest with you, a lot of the old alumni remember SMU people who looked down at TCU for a long time. I didn't have that feeling but I do now," he said.

This was not a spur of the moment topic for GP. He obviously had thought about this before he took to the microphone today.

"I know (SMU) is watching and I hope they do," he said. "They know I'm right."

TCU's next football game against SMU is scheduled for Sept. 29, 2012. Really looking forward to it.

Onto the other topic that has GP ticked:

2.) The officiating. He thought it was horrible, and he said as much. This is usually a no-no among coaches, who don't want to risk being fined. Gary didn't care, because he knows he can't be fined.

"I can go down the list. It was a poorly officiated game," GP said.
Gary could probably name six to eight calls that he felt the officiating crew missed that had a direct impact on the outcome of the game. 

GP said he was told that an announcement was going to come from Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky that acknolwedged that the officiating crew, which was from CUSA, missed calls. GP said Banowsky called TCU AD Chris Del Conte to say as much on Monday.

R-SMU-FOOTBALL-large570 "(The announcement) hasn't happened," Patterson said. "It sounds like sour grapes, and it's not. The whole complexion of the game changed. The explanation I got (from the refs during the game) was not good. The bottom line is we all get paid to do our jobs and it was a terrible job."

GP said SMU was the better team, but that the officiating crew who worked this game will never work another game at TCU again. In case you're wondering, don't expect Ken Antee, Ben Young, Steve Fleming, Jerry Harris, Michaely Bailey, Avery Fields or Dan Gautreaux back at Amon G. any time soon.

"I've got their names and they won't come back here again," he said.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Since I was covering the Texas A&M/Arkansas game that afternoon, I did not see this TCU  game. Whether GP is right about the refs blowing these calls I don't have any idea. Where I do agree with Gary is this:

"(Referees) that do a great job they're not noticed," he said. "I was a basketball referee all through college, and what I was taught it was not about you."

Referees are mostly a collection of frustrated jocks, no different than sports "journalists". But unlike a sports TV hack, the ref or ump has a direct impact on the game yet their level of accountability is a fraction of the coach, pitcher, quarterback etc. If the media is allowed to grill, second guess and criticize the players/coaches, the officials deserve a similar treatment.

I asked GP if he would have made these comments had his team won the game.

"Yes," he said. "The officiating is still that bad. It's not sour grapes."

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Rita Kay Driggers

I agree with GP. Even the commentators for CBS College Sports expressed surprise again and again.

Abie Quintanilla

You're right Rita. The announcers were astonished that the Frog who threw a punch at the SMU player was not flagged (and I'm guessing ejected)


Abie, you must be confusing the SMU #93 for a TCU player...or the numerous clock violations and face masks, but then again expecting an SMU student/alumni to know about Football is like expecting a 3rd grader to solve an ordinary differntial equation of the 3rd order...but I can't blame you, SMU's program sucks, therefore your FB education suffered...don't worry we'll teach you one can of whoop ass on the gridiron at a time


Wow, talk about a sore loser...geez. That is embarrasing for TCU.


Wow, talk about a sore loser...geez. That is embarrasing for TCU.


GP was right to call out the officials. Anyone who watched the game including the commentators knows the officials had either a really bad game or were corrupt. The sour grapes comments directed at GP are either from people who did not see the game and replays or are SMU fans who can't bring themselves to admit their is a cloud hanging over their win.

I have watched a lot of football games over the years and this was the worst officiating I have ever seen. This needed to be brought up and am glad the issue was raised. Even SMU fans know better whether they will bring themselves to admit it or not.


I am sure future TCU football recuits will notice the coach's unprofessional behavior as well...Amazing how a successful football program will be deteriorating so quickly!


I am so sorry that people have quickly forgotten what TCU has been through to get where they are today. It's a joy to have haters. When I played there from 1997-2001 (and yes I was a starter) we saw how many times we had to dig ourselves out of holes that we didn't create. More power to CoachP for fighting to preserve the house that he helped build.


TCU was a friend of SMU. Gary Patterson was a friend of SMU. No longer. It's a D-FW cold war. Good for the rivalry...bad for the institutions.

SMU has always been too snooty for their own good. Now it doesn't matter...they are DEAD to us!


TCU was a friend of SMU. Gary Patterson was a friend of SMU. No longer. It's a D-FW cold war. Good for the rivalry...bad for the institutions.

SMU has always been too snooty for their own good. Now it doesn't matter...they are DEAD to us!

Whiney Fatterson WahhhhWahhhh


"They look exactly the same to me," June Jones said. "They've done a great job with their schemes on both sides of the ball, and just recruiting and plugging in new bodies."

Patterson, way to take a compliment and turn it into an insult!

Let's see how JJ's record against Patterson plays out when they're both playing in the Big East instead of SMU being buried in CUSA.


Since when were players no longer held accountable for how they play on Saturdays? Slow starts? 4th down drops? Shaky secondary? I think GP has a lot more to be concerned about than past officiating and SMU. Legitimately sad to see this from GP. Unfortunate.

Luke Urban

I agree with Gary's rant because these things are true. SMU always tried to put down TCU and now GP is ready to disown them. He tried helping them and they don't want the help anymore. If the Conference USA won't do anything at least Gary is saying something about the sad state of officiating.


SMU you don't want your helmet on Gary's sleds. Ask Utah and BYU what happened to them when he was pissed.

Skillet in Big D! Deal with it.

During the game they showed Tank Carder saying that SMU winning in 2005 was just a fluke. TCU is worse than Democrats- always the bleeping victim.


I've lost respect for GP. He's a good coach, but a very poor loser. He got his ass kicked in front of his home crowd. He's embarrassed. Now, he's only embarrassed himself by his sour grapes comments. Very unfortunate for him and TCU. There were bad calls, but poor calls have gone the other way in the past. Good teams rise above that stuff. Losers make post-game comments like this. If this is a true reflection of GP and TCU, then SMU does not need to have anything to do with GP or TCU. Based solely on GP's behavior, I would have to say, yes, we at SMU do think we're better than TCU, and we would be right.

Luke Chisolm

Hey TarrantCountyPony -- "Based solely on GP's behavior, I would have to say, yes, we at SMU do think we're better than TCU, and we would be right."

Mighty arrogant coming from a fan of a team who cheated so badly their program was given the Death Penalty. Your players' taunting of TCU after the game, while physically interrupting our alma mater, shows that not much has changed at SMU. Jones should have apologized to Patterson for their behavior -- he had two full days. Then, perhaps, none of this would have happened. If you want to see how a team should act in victory (or defeat), go watch the end of any Air Force game TCU has played. The TCU team joins the Air Force team side-by-side in honoring their alma mater -- win or lose.


This is really getting comical. The SMU fans telling us how to act when we lose. Holier than thou. Lets get one thing straight. Gary Patterson has earned the right to say anything to anybody at anytime. 101 wins in 10 years. I guess when teams storm the field when they beat you says it all.


Patterson seems to have a short and selective memory. The officiating was bad, but there were calls that went against SMU that were questionable, so stop crying. As for the comments from June Jones maybe Gary forgot that the "TCU never changes" comment was a compliment to how well Patterson recruits. June went on to say that TCU makes you adjust to them. The fact a 20 year old kid pops off how he does not like TCU and Patterson goes on that comment, I think Gary has other things to worry about like his defensive secondary..


I was only there for the first half but the two interference calls were astonishingly bad. On the first one the SMU player came from out of bounds (making him ineligible to catch the ball) and the pass was uncatchable by anyone. The second one was an interception and the flag was thrown on a player that was on the sidelines (#17 was the number announced). That being said TCU was outplayed for enough of the game to give SMU the win. The behavior of the SMU team during and after the game leaves any observer with a bad taste in their mouth. SMU fans, act like you have been there before when you have an upset win.


I hate sports writers

The Big Mac Blog

YEAH! So do I!!!!!

Gerne Blanston

Did GP dream up this act to deflect from his own poor preparation for the game, or did the reporters conveniently leave out the rest of June's comments for him? Here's the context, and you decide if GP isn't being ridiculous--

Jones: "They look exactly the same to me. They've done a great job with their schemes on both sides of the ball, and just recruiting and plugging in new bodies."

It sounds more like GP is upset that June didn't keep his part of the bargain and make it 0-10 for lil' Porky Patterson than anything else. Where's the "never change" part, lil' porky?


BUBBABEAR45 -- Don't be naive or stupid! The reason TCU fans have issue with Baylor is due to the fact that Baylor got into the B12 because of an alumnus that put her nose into the mix when it came down to deciding between Baylor, SMU & TCU to add to the Big 12. If the B12 could rewind the clock they would have taken TCU and told the governor to shove it. I think Baylor has less than a 20% success rate in the B12. Not a big plus for the B12 and the reputation.


Southern Methodist
Texas Christian

I don't think much of the "Christian" examples being portrayed by the teams, coach, players or fans.

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