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Let us sloooow down on this DeMarco Murray stuff

Demarco-murray-st-louis-rams-VS-dallas-cowboysI am petitioning the NFL that all stats compiled after the first 30 minutes of games against the Dolphins, Colts and Rams be subjected to an asterisk. These teams are so awful anything accomplished against them outside of a win should be tossed aside.

This would then include a portion of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray killing the Rams for 253 rushing yards on Sunday at JerryWorld.

It was a great day for Murray, and an offensive line that badly needed to feel good about itself. But no one 'round these here parts wants to acknowledge that the Rams have the WORST RUN DEFENSE IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. 

The Rams run defense is worse than that of the Colts. Do you know how hard that is? The Colts run defense is worse than Kansas.

Prediction: Murray won't eclipse 100 yards against the Eagles, who have the 23rd-ranked run defense in the NFL, on Sunday night in Philly.


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Dude, who cares if he reaches a 100 yards again?

It's about finding a true NFL back. If he has 80 yards and a td that would be amazing. If he had 80 yards with 3 first downs when it mattered most on 14 attempts that would be amazing.

It's about finding a legit RB, and now that he has had time in our system and recovered from injury we are seeing quite promising things.

Is he going to run off 254 again? Obviously not. Feel free to let me know which RB in the NFL averages that much right now?



I like your moxy but I disagree with your prediction. This Cowboys team isn't that good but on any given day, depending which Cowboys team shows up, can win games. DeMarco isn't Adrian Peterson but he is no stiff. The guy can play some and when the offense is clicking, he can rack up some yards and make a few things happen. I'm opptimistic about the Philly game. I don't think it will mean much bc the cup cakes we play next will decide our fate. But a good game AND A VICTORY would be welcomed at this point.

Good blog. I enjoy reading your stuff and your wifes stuff. I like it that you are funny, have good insight sometimes, and are usually pretty entertaining.

The Sports Authority

Look...what Murray and the Dallas line did was phenomenal - a record setting day. But the guy averaged less than 3 yards a carry against the likes of SF, NY, Detroit, New England, Washington, etc...

Fact of the matter until Sunday, there had been no holes to run through...heck...there had been no creases. Not saying Felix would've had a franchise day but he probably takes both those long runs to the house with those holes...not just one.

Murray is a complete back and should be a contributor but much of his success was a direct result of competition and blocking execution. He's not the second coming of Emmitt and was likely the second best RB in the Rams-Cowboys game. I'd take Steven Jackson 100 out of 100 times if we're talking the next 2-3 years.

Bottom line...if the line creates holes...the Cowboys have backs who can get through them.

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