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No way could Rangers win after Game 6 & the MLB postseason is now like the NFL

16e6De.St.58As much as so many people wanted to believe the Rangers could come back after one of the most devastating Game 6 losses since Buckner's error in 1986, there was just no way. Even when the Rangers grabbed a 2-0 lead in the first inning in St. Louis in Game 7, no way. 

Cardinals 6, Rangers 2.
Cardinals win Game 7 of the World Series.
Season over.  

Rangers manager Ron Washington is going to get second-guessed to death for this performance, and collapse. There are so many "What If" moments for the Rangers in this series that this will take a long, long time to get over. The fans probably won't until the Rangers finally win a World Series.

The Rangers pitching that walked so many batters in the ALDS and ALCS did not get away with so many free passes in the World Series. Nor should they have. The Rangers issued 41 walks in this series, including an additional six in Game 7. 

The better team did not win, but the hotter team did. Baseball used to be the one professional league where the best team won because such a small number of teams made the playoffs. But with the league going for the cash and expanding the field to four playoff teams in each league it's now not that much different from the NFL, NBA or NHL.

The Cardinals entered the playoffs with the fewest wins of any postseason team, but that no longer matters. Much like the NFL, where the sixth seed is as good as the one seed, baseball is now truly all about just getting in.
Both of Tony LaRussa's titles with the Cardinals easily came with his weakest teams, but they got hot at the right time.

Fun ride for the Rangers, but this entire season will now be remembered for the "one strike" twice in Game 6. Too bad.

The majority of this team will return for next season, and the way this organization is set up they should be good for a while ... but this is going to take a long while to forget.


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That game blew. What a total let down. Great season. Solid preformance. Sux that we lost. Crud.


You say he better team did not win? That is a arrogant and stupid thing to say. I am a rangers fan but the cardinals are a better team and it starts with albert p.


Boo Hoo Rangers. Best team didn't win, eh? Because what happens on the field doesn't matter. Give the World Series trophy to the Phillies since they won the most games in the regular season.



The Rangers, who lost, are the best team?!

You could be an investment banker.


Engel, you're delusional. You must live in Colleyville. "The better team did not win..."? And then you try to blame the Ranger's loss ON THE LEAGUE for expanding the number of teams in the playoffs? Why bother with the World Series? Just award the trophy to the team with the best record. You have to show up pal. The '96 Yankees won 11 straight on their way to the championship. The Rangers (and kudos to them for a terrific season) only had six games in their tank. The Cardinals were good for one more. Have you though of writing a food column?


The better team did not win, but the hotter team did

This is the case in most World Series.


The better team lost. Albert P couldn't be on any more steroids and growth hormones. The Rangers got robbed. Its bogus.

Mrs. Ganush

Better team lost. Hating it. Better team lost.

Ranger Rick

We got robbed. We lost. Better team, worse team; who cares. We should have won. Its insane that we lost. We had the hitters, the pitching staff, and great coaching and managemnet. Its a joke that we lost. Total joke.


"The better team did not win".

Soooo, when do you hand over your AL pennant to the Yankees? After all, they had more wins than you. So they must be the better team.



First of all, texas was not the better team because then they would be the champions not the card. and comparing mlb to other professional sports because baseball increased to 4 teams from each league is just a baseless argument. Baseball takes the least amount of playoff teams of all sports and ur criticizing they have too many playoff teams. We need more! the increase to one more team from each league will increase interest among more cities and benefit the sport popularity as well. the fact that the cardinals won in this fashion shows how awesome it is a team like the cards can make the playoffs. And oh one more thing I gotta say. "One More Strike," or I should say that twice shouldnt I? Good luck next year

Chuck Brunzzi

The Rangers got robbed. The Cardinals are cheaters or something. It shouldn't have turned out that way. The Rangers had them in game 6. Its just sad. The Rangers won that thing. The better team did not win. I hate sports. At least the Mavs won.


The Rangers are the first team ever in history ever who were in 2 straight World Series and did not get the best 4 out of 7 at home. Because of this flaw, in the commissioners change of how it was for the past century, the Rangers had to play with one arm tied behind their back. This flaw would change history as who was were champions in the past and who were not, since you only have about a 25% chance of winning the series when you only get 3 home games. We all know that the Cardinals could never win a game 6 or 7 in Arlington, so basically, the Series is a draw. Plus the Rangers had the best overall record, so the Series home field advantage should be based on that... just as it is for the NFL, the NBA and the NHL. The Cards are champs in STL and the Rangers are World Champs in Texas. This series should have an asterisk by it noting the unfairness in home field denial to the Rangers had never happened before to any other team in Major league Baseball history.


We should have picked up 1 more pitching ACE!
Game changers in Play-offs

Joe Rogan

Selig had the thing rigged. The Series was fixed. TV and the Commisioner wanted 7 games and wanted LaRussa to win it. Its all about working for the man. Selling the man's merchandise. We goot rooked big time. I'm glad its over the better team got ripped off. The Cardinals should be disgraced. The Rangers were the better team.

RT From St. Louie

First, the Cardinals beat the Phillies who won the most games in the majors this year, and had home field advantage, then they beat the Brewers, who also had home field advantage. I don't think anybody could have beaten the Cards this year. And I think the Phillies could have beaten the Rangers as well.

But as a Cardinal fan I think I speak for all the fans up here in saying we all thought the Rangers were a tough classy bunch of scappy ballplayers. You got nothing to be ashamed of Texas. I heard one Ranger quoted as saying "playing them is like playing us". Also tought to beat Chris Carpenter, the guy is a major warrior.

Stelzy least the Rangers team is classy, unlike most of their fans on here!! Let's see what else you all can find to blame the loss on...the commish is a game fixer (he isn't smart enough), home field advantage (I agree it sucks that the All Star Game decides it - but deal with it - that's the idiotic system). Just a thought - maybe your crack head manager starts Holland who is the only starter to straight up shut down the Cardinals offense! I like the Rangers - but holy crap you fans & at least this writer are baseball clueless...but we understand you all are still learning the game of baseball since your franchise hasn't been around that long! Good Luck in 2012 Rangers - let's see if you can continue down the road of the 1990's Buffalo Bills - I'm rooting for you!


What in the world do you mean the best team did not win. What a stupid statement to make.

They did loose 4 out of 7 games you know.

You have to wonder about some sports writers don't you.

Pete Sake

The better team lost. The Cardinals and tv conspired for a game 7 St. Louis victory. Its a total laugher to think the Rangers aren't the better team. If game was measured in steroid Albert Pojlous would have beaten the Rangers, Cardinals, and the Dallas Mavericks.


Norman B.

......I love your blog. You are a serious writer and journalist. I love your writing style and content. The business about the world series, the all star game are, and who was the better team are all fair topics to question.

Keep writing. Keep blogging. Well done.

Financial Protesters

Sports is a joke. The group I'm marching for are the Financial Protesters on Wall Street. I've polled many of my fellow protestors and we all think the nation needs fixing and we shouldn't focus on sports so much. Also we think the Rangers got screwed out of the Penant. The better team lost like soo many American citizens.


My 9 year old son and I were in Arlington for game 3. As Cardinal fans we traded some good-natured trash talk with the fans on the balcony above the Cards pen. We had a great time. Even though the Cards were up a game, I told the Texas fans I thought it would go seven. Rangers are tough, top to bottom. Great series, two great teams with tremendous fans. Rangers stadium was MUCH louder than Busch. Too bad one team had to lose. Will definitely get down to Arlington for the reg. season next year!


Ah, the hottest team always wins in the playoffs.....

Its interesting that most of you who don't support the WC system are probably some of the same lunkheads that want a playoff for college football.




In five or ten years, no one will care who had home field advantage, what mistakes were made or not, all that will matter is that the records will show the Cards as the 2011 WS Champs. That's all that matters. People need to get off these conspiracy theories. Do you really think for a second the commissioner or even the TV networks wanted this WS match-up? Pujols on steroids? There is no argument against someone spewing such baseless comments. For only drugs can make someone so big or strong or tall or quick, right???

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