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The Cowboys are beginning to look increasingly like another 8-8 team

300hPHILADELPHIA - The Eagles were never a Dream Team beause the salary cap in the NFL prevents such a thing to exist, but they are conisderably better than the Dallas Cowboys. A 34-7 score is pretty convincing.

"We need to get better," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said as he tried so very hard to talk around the fact that that there is a tremendous gap that exists between the Cowboys and the best team in the NFC East, the Eagles. "We've played very good football in our first six games, unfortunately we lost three of those. Tonight we didn't play nearly as well as we have up to this point. We have to get better."

Your Cowboys are now just another 3-4 team, and pretty much have to win their next five games to put themselves in any position of reaching the postseason. Games against the Seahawks, Bills, Redskins, Dolphins and Cardinals is an ideal stretch for a five-game winning streak, but anyone who has watched this team has earned the right to feel that the Cowboys just don't have a 5-0 run in them.

"We gotta play lights out from here on out," Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins said.

I was convinced before this season began the Cowboys could be at the top of the NFL's middle class and squirm into the playoffs. The more the Cowboys play the more I am convinced they are just another middle class team.

They are like most decent teams in this league -  capable of good, bad, wretched and brilliant. They are full of solid, good, holes, and wonderfully inconsistent.

They are just good enough to flirt with 10-6, but will likely finish 8-8.

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Tommy R. Atkinson

How does this defense not back up the words of its leader? If Ryan is making disparaging comments about the Eagles, as a defender I have to feel pretty confident that our coach thinks that much of our abilities and would want to prove my coach correct. Instead, we got an uninspired performance as always in big games.
Maybe the Red Headed Genius was part of the problem along with Coach Cupcake? It seems the same problems are plauging this team year after year after year.
Also, how do the Cowboys not throw a single pass in the direction of Dez and Miles in the first half? I know Romo was under the gun, but he kept going to Robinson. There is no way the Eagles can cover Dez, Miles and Witten at the same time. One of them had to be open.


They are just what Jerry has built 14 years, now going on 15.

A decent, non-contending team. One playoff win in 14, soon to be 15 years.

If Jerry wants to change that, he needs to have football guys calling football decisions.

But, every year Jerry puts up enough new wallpaper to get most to forget that, until reality sets in, as above.

Joshua Io

The Cowboys are going to continue to play like this until Jones hires a real football GM--and then leaves him alone to do his job.


Until Jerry Jones hands the GM duties to an experienced, talented, and honest football exec, the Cowboys are going nowhere. Why do people pay those prices to watch this mediocrity?? Until fans hold Jerry accountable by not buying his circus tickets, he will continue to be the GM and the Cowboys will continue to be average.


Jaharry will NEVER hire a real football guy and stay out of the way and let him run the team as long as the cow sheep keep paying for the over priced tickets,parking,food/drinks and clothing that Jaharry charges. As long as he is putting $$$$$$$$$ in his pockets he's happy.


Next wave of veterans to be cut after this season - Brady James, Keith Brooking, Martellus Bennett (cut him now), Anthony Spencer. These guys are actually hurting the team.

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