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The part of Mike Vick's game that gets no credit

Michael-VickSince returning to the NFL, Michael Vick has received buckets of credit for adapting his run-first quarterbacking style to that of a more conventional passer, which is why he secured his role as the starter in Philly.

There is another part of his game that he also changed, dramatically, that receives zero credit. Michael Vick sounds and looks like a completely different man in front of the camera compared to his days in Atlanta. Don't think for a moment that this is not one of the reasons the Eagles didn't give this guy a $100 million deal. 

To be a face of a franchise, one has to act and look the part, too.

Having watched and listened to Vick since he entered the NFL as the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2001, I was probably like a lot of you who thought this guy sounded like another simple, dumb jock. He often projected an image that he was a punk.

In his two year break from football because of the dog-fighting incident, Vick now sounds like a 31-year-man doing his job. Someone has obviously worked with this guy on how to better present himself to the public eye. Whatever was said or advised, he listened and he deserves some credit. 

On his conference call today with the FW/d reporters, I asked Vick if he worked with anyone on this aspect of his "game".

"I think the time I spent at Leavenworth (prison) allowed me to reflect on the things that I didn't take advantage of," he said. "And going through those times I missed out on doing certain things. I always promised myself if I got to do it all over again I would do it different and take a different approach. Your mindset is everything and I approached everything with an open mind and tried to let things flow."


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Drake Christian

Good article. Wisdom. Priceless. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance, make the most of it.


We can all do it if we turn away from our wicked way, Mike is a shining life for hope, I pray for Mike and his family that no weapon forms against them and that
God continues to bless them.


micheal and his family belong to God and evertime I hear God bleassing them he will alawys special i my heart.

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