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Thursday drive through: Ranking the scariest horror movies of all time

Madalina-Diana-Ghenea-151You're not going to believe this, but apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is dating another super model. So he goes from Bar Refaeli to Blake Lively to some girl named Madalina Somethingorother. Do you think he even knows her last name?


Halloween is about here and between the FX hit American Horror Story and now the latest Paranormal Activity movie it's time for a list. We can't have enough lists.

What are the scariest horror movies of all-time? No genre generates as many stupid movies as the horror flick, and most of them are so bad they aren't even worth mentioning. But when they hit, they can scare the living blank out of you.

The key element to watching any horror movie is what Catherine Trammel said in Basic Instinct, "Suspension of Disbelief".

1. The Exorcist
If you are ever in Georgetown in D.C. be sure to visit the famous cement stairwell that was made famous in this movie. "The power of Christ compels you!" still is a favorite line of mine to throw at my dog when she's been bad.

2. The Shining
Still can't watch this movie by myself. Between little Danny saying, "Red Rum" and those freaky little twins I get spooked every time.

3. The Blair Witch Project
Don't bother asking why the trio of amateur filmmakers refused to follow the creek out of the woods, or how why they held a camera to their eyes as they were chased by ghosts. This movie scared me so bad I couldn't sleep that night. "Tell us where you are Josh?!!"

4. Silence of the Lambs
I never know to put this movie into the horror or suspense category, but few movies had my stomach in a taut knot like this thing. "Are the lambs still screaming?"

500full5. Se7en
What makes this movie so scary isn't just that it's totally suspenseful, but the fact that someone wrote this twisted, dark and sick script. "Become vengeance David. Become wrath."

6. The Omen
When the nanny/housekeeper hangs herself at the little boy's birthday party I about lost it. "It's all for you!" Any time there is a chorus of either monk-ish music and or a little boy with an English accent  I'm out.

7. Halloween
The best slasher movie ever made. John Carpenter's classic really does the trick for a variety of reasons, including a memorable score that he himself created. "He's gone from here! The evil is gone!"

8. Jaws
This falls into the Silence of the Lambs category - is it a horror movie or suspense? Who cares? It remains timeless, and forever changes your approach to a day at the beach. "You're gonna need a bigger boat." 

9. 28 Days Later
It's not technically a zombie movie, but it is. And it's the best one ever made. All of London has "infection" which turns them into flesh-eating weirdos. The shots of desolate London are eerily incredible, because they are real. The filmmakers created those shots without computers. This movie has an alternate ending, which is considerably darker. 

20100117105135!Normanbates10. Psycho
Our standards have changed so much since this 1960 movie was released, but this movie remains so effective because of the black and white, the music, that house and Anthony Perkins' performance. "A boy's best friend is his mother."

A few other favorites:
The Serpent and the Rainbow
Never saw it, but I'll never forget the line from the trailer, "Don't let them bury me ... I'm not dead!" 

I liked Aliens better, but this original was so quiet and eery that it's hard not to jump a few times.  "Perfect organism."

Rosemarys_lRosemary's Baby
Just totally freaky all the way around. "God is dead! Satan lives!"


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Norman B.

Great compelation.

One other movie 'you' should include is "Visiting Hours".

Its about a woman-hating killer that stalks and attacks a journalist.

It's a can't miss horror flick. It stars Deb Ballin & William Shatner. Whats not to like?!?!!'s a total piece of garbage. i loved it

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