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An interesting concept: Mike Leach to Kansas

70153_Missouri_Kansas_FootballAs a Kansas alum watching what has happened to a mediocre football progam under the direction of Fort Worth native Turner Gill is depressing, disappointing and completely expected. This is what Kansas football do. Any sense of momentum the program was gaining under former coach Mark Mangino is gone.

The Jayhawks are 1-16 in two Big 12 seasons under Gill. They finished 2-10 this season, which even in this current system leaves them just shy of bowl eligibility. Gill has five wins at KU in two years, and has one winning record in six seasons as a head coach between KU and Buffalo.

Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger wrote after KU's 24-10 loss to Missouri on Saturday that Gill needs to be fired, and that Mike Leach should be the top candidate.

Gill was fired on Sunday afternoon.

The Lawrence Journal World has a list of potential candidates.

KU will have to eat about $6 million to make Gill go away, an enormous sum for a school that is not flush with cash. But whether the school eats it now or lets him coach another year the money is gone either way. The man should never have been hired in the first place. There was a reason why Auburn passed. He may be a decent coach and an even better man, but the results are the results. 

I am not sure if Leach would want this job, but KU would be doing its part to at least call the man.


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Rock the Jay Hawk

I like reading your stuff; informative and entertaining.

I'm also a fan of the Jay Hawks basketball program and am only slightly aware of their football program.

I'd love to see Leach wind up in Lawrence. He is a winner, for sure. No way did I ever think Tech would be a contender. Leach did it. Why can't he do it in Lawrence?!?

He's gonna get a shot somewhere. Why not at Kansas?!?

Jay Hawk

Gone after two years. PTL. And Tommy Tuberville once begging for an interview!! Perkins should be tarred and feathered. Thanks again Lou.

Kansas Blue Blood

Great article

Great idea

It will NEVER happen -- NEVER!!

Remember, this is football in lawrence. Anything good that is not men's basketball will never happen. Can't let anything alter the our national identity

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