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Dallas Cowboys Crisis - the case of the muzzled cheerleader

Melissa-Kellerman-11IRVING - From the files of "Only the Dallas Cowboys" - the Cowboys are denying they muzzled a cheerleader with the big Twitter account. 

Dallas Cowboys PR man Rich Dalrymple said the team did not shut off cheerleader Mellisa Kellerman's Twitter account.

"We don't get involved in Twitter accounts," Dalrymple said. "We didn't do that."

This crisis began on Thursday when Cowboys tight end Jason Witten "tackled" Kellerman on the sidelines during the team's win against the Dolphins. The hit looked fairly clean, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has no plans to suspend Witten for the rest of the season, primarily because Kellerman is not a quarterback.

Immediately after the hit she popped up smiling, and no legal action against the team was necessary. But the day isn't over yet, so ...

The next day, Kellerman tweeted "Not hurtin’ today, like some of y’all thought I would be! Our TE isn’t as tough as he looks… That or I’m WAY tougher than I look. ;)

She also added, “I’m not the best at Jason Witten trust falls ;)

1785970Harmless. Silly. Fun. And in this age of immediate information/reaction where anything can double for news, it is good fodder. Then, according to CNBC reporter Darren Rovell, Kellerman had her Twitter account shut down. This had all the makings of a hyper paranoid, self-important football organization taking itself way, way, way too seriously and forgetting that its main funtion is to entertain. Because that never happens.

Turns out, the team did not ask her to shut it down. She apparently was getting flooded with requests from the media, and fans, and she took it upon herself to turn it off. Her cell phone number got out and - boom goes the dynamite.

Today, Kellerman's account is up and running - thank God - but now it's protected. Kinda makes you wonder what other telling secrets and incriminating details about Jason Witten she may reveal.


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Poor darren!!!

He must be asking for a raise past 5 years and got frustrated and found this way out!!!! Think again Darren.


This is a big time post on your blog! GREAT STORY!!! You need to interview this girl, post it on your 'Viddy' account!!! Your fans want you to do a follow up story!!!!!!!

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