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Dallas Mavericks and the pro/cons of their own free agents

108364400_crop_650x440The NBA should be allowing players to return to their respective facilities and to begin working out as early as Thursday.

The free agency period should begin around Dec. 9-ish.

Expect Mark Cuban, Donnnnnn Nelson and Rick Carlisle to start to push to re-sign center Tyson Chandler about four months ago. There are others, too. This will be arguably the fastest and most interesting free agency period in the history of the league.

Tyson Chandler, C, 29. 
Pros: Duh?  He totally changed the defensive mindset of the entire franchise last season with tireless energy and enthusiasm. He's a great guy, a pro, and a major reason the Mavs won their first NBA title.
Cons: Will he care as much after he gets the cash? It's a legit question. And health. 
Do or Don't: Have to. Have to. Have to.

J.J. Barea, G, 27
Pros: No player on this roster gets to the basket the way he can, and he can knock down the open 3. He cares, he's a pro, and he's tough. 
Cons: He's listed as 6-0, but ... really? This is probably as good as he's going to get, and he may stand in the way of the development of Roddy B.
Do or Don't: All depends on the contract size. You can justify going stupid on Chandler, but not on JJ.

Caron-butler_107623052Caron Butler, F, 31
Pros: A pro who cares and works hard and is a decent scorer and defender. When he went down with the season-ending knee injury last season he worked like a dog to return. He never did, but it's hard to argue that he's not pretty good at his job.
Cons: He's 31. His best days are likely gone. This is a case of where the deal has to be just right.
Do or Don't: They won't.

DeShawn Stevenson, G, 30
Pros: Fearless defender who gives big guards a hard time and plays within whatever structure is presented. He can shoot the 3 some and is a versatile defensive matchup. 
Cons: He's 30. Not a great ball handler, and is a case of another guy who has peaked.
Do or Don't: They will.

Peja Stojakovic, G/F, 34
Pros: Still has such a pretty shot that he can hit from anywhere when it's falling.
Cons: He's 34, can't guard a tree, and if he's not hitting the J he's a total liability. 
Do or Don't: Bye. 

Brian Cardinal, F, 34
Pros: Will eat cat poop if you asked, take a charge, and do all of the typical dirty "talentless white guy" stuff while being paid the league minimum. He's a total pro and someone you just don't worry about.
Cons: As long as you keep your expectations grounded, not many. 
Do or Don't: Sure. 


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Randy S.

Your comments/assesments are spot on. And I laughed out loud about your comment about Peja, 'he can't guard a tree'.

Look for our owner, 'The Cubes', to go after the prize of the free agent class this year, Dwight Howard. No way is Cuban just going to let him pass. Throw the rules and logic out the window and watch Mark C pursue this guy like no other.

Nick Halloway

I agree with Randy. Mark Cuban is going to load up and go after Dwight Howard. The Mavs had a great season and caught their fare share of breaks but to be a contender they are going to need more than a scrappy JJ Berea. Dwight Howard would secure the Mavs place in the playoffs from now until forever although I'm still not convinced Howard and Dirk would play great together.

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