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Dear Red Sox Nation - You will regret this one

Texas-rangers-bobby-valentine-729-topps-1990-baseball-trading-card-5377-pProving once again that no coach ever dies, Bobby Valentine has been hired to run the Red Sox. As my grandmother would have said, "What in the name of God?!"

The Google says the Yankees East have hired the former Texas Rangers manager to replace Terry Francona.

Quick check of Bobby V's record as manager:
Rangers, 8 seasons, 581-605. Highest division finish was 2nd in 1986.
Mets, 7 seasons, 536-467. Playoffs once in 2000 when the team lost to the Yankees in the World Series.

He hasn't managed in the bigs since 2002. Hard to argue that Bobby V isn't a good, and lifer, baseball man. Hard to argue that he can't talk a country mile, in English or Japanese.

But the man has a lot of shtick in him. Boston isn't good with shtick, especially with its Red Sox. The Red Sox media can be especially ... challenging. If this thing goes south this won't be pretty.


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Hmm. Not so sure about this post. There were extenuating circumstances contributing to his lack of W/L record success while with the Mets & Rangers. Can't really say any of his teams failed to live up to expectations. No, I think Bobby V's going to end up being the perfect fit in Boston, sad to say, since the only thing I like about Beantown is the Union Oyster House. Actually, that's not true because I like Beantown. I just don't like the Red Sox.

Mike Bohl

The Red Sox braintrust, in a single event, proved the insanity around letting Tito go and that the Jack Clark deal may not have been the worst move ever by the Red Sox - Bobby V are you kidding me ???

..... and they said Tito lost control of the club house ! Well, who the hell is watching the front office Moe, Larry and Curly ???

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Valentine will bring accountability to the Red Sox Stars, and with a starting pitcher or two, can take this team to the WS. Doubters galore, but the Sox owners know what they are doing here. Valentine needs to change the clubhouse culture...they won't be eating chicken and drinking beer during games without seeing their names blasted in the papers, and this accountability will force the Sox over the top. Great hire at the correct ime.

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