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Fearle$$ football predictions - Living large in the penthouse

Musburger91911The Big Mac Blog began this season with $50 of Monopoly money. I plan to mock bet $10, against the line, five games from college/NFL every week to determine whether I should make my second career as a gambler.

In the word's of Brent Musburger, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh doctor!"
I killed it last weekend. Just a slaughter.

Five and ohhhhhh! Life is so good. It's a shame I don't bet real money, which given the state of the U.S. economy is worth only slightly more than Monopoly money. I am now a fat plus $60 for the season.

Last week's results
1. Indiana at Michigan State (-28). Wolverines. WIN
2. Colorado at UCLA (-11). Bruins. WIN
3. Texas A&M (-31) at Kansas. Aggies. WIN
4. Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-6.5). WIN. Barely
5. San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears (-3.5). WIN.

This week's picks
1. Arkansas at LSU (-2.5). Tigers. After chewing on some grass this is my gut feeling.
2. Rice at SMU (-14). Ponies. Time for June Jones to unleash the hounds.
3. Ole Miss at Miss State (-17.5) Rebels. Last game for Coach Nutt and he covers.
4. Cleveland Browns at Cincy Bengals (-7.5). Bengals. Big win for Andy Dalton this week.
5. Carolina Panthers (-3) at Indy Colts. Panthers. The Colts are committed to Andrew Luck.

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Shut my mouth

Nice week --- last week!

I like your picks this week.

Bengals over Cleveland is my lock of the decade.

I like LSU but Ark has been running up the score big time. I'm gonna stay with your pick on this game but it could be pretty close.

The one game you picked, that I don't like, is the Rebels vs Ms State. Ole Miss has nothing to play for and they suck. Those players mailed it in a while ago. I'm a Rebel, but your gonna lose that bet. State covers the spread and Ole Miss's coach hunt goes into over-drive.

Go Rebels!!!!!

Sold Out for Luck

I like your picks this week. I bet you go 4 and 1.

And you are very correct about Andrew Luck and Colts. Polian is going to use Caldwell to bag the rest of the season.

Caldwell and his ENTIRE staff are 86, gone, done, toast.....cya, wouldn't want to be ya.

Panthers will cover that spread easy.

Panthers win.


Nice pick on the LSU game. The Hogs offense has been hot lately. I stayed away from that game. Nice pick.


You took a bath on the SMU game. I didn't see that one coming. My Ponies looked sluggish for sure.

Cyber Sport

Looks like you had a pretty bad week. You should have never taken the Rebels. Once Nutt got fired the odds of them covering fell off a cliff.

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