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Fearle$$ football predictions: Time does not heal all wounds

Sooner_crying_mediumThe Big Mac Blog began this season with $50 of Monopoly money. I plan to mock bet $10, against the line, five games from college/NFL every week to determine whether I should make my second career as a gambler.

That picture is how I looked after reviewing my previous week in this experiment.

Like Marlena says in Days of Our Lives, "Some wounds never heal." Thank God I am not spending any real money doing this.

Last week's results:

1. Kansas Jayhawks at Iowa State (-14). Cyclones. LOSS. Want to really thank my alma mater for making this close when all they had to do was get blown out.
2. LSU at Alabama (-4.5). Tide. LOSS. Swore I wouldn't touch this game, and I did and I got burned.
3. Utah at Arizona (-3.5). Wildcats. LOSS. Total betrayal.
4. Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (-4.5). Raiders. LOSS. Never going near Tim Tebow games again.
5. Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans (-3). Titans. LOSS. Andy Dalton is legit, so I'm happy to have lost this one.

I am now a meager plus-$10 for the season. It's time for the rally monkey. 

Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerleaders-nfl-cheerleaders-16417629-666-800This week's picks:
1. Rice at Northwestern (-16). Wildcats. I know Rice beat Purdue, but this game is in Evanston, and the Cats put a beat down on Indiana earlier this season.
2. Nebraska (-3) at Penn State. Cornhuskers. This may be the most uncomfortable college football game ever.
3. Texas (-1) at Missouri. Longhorns. Horns are getting better and the Tigers are not.
4. Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys (-5.5). Cowboys. I don't see the Bills as a for real team.
5. New Olreans Saints (-1) at Atlanta Falcons. Falcons. Two casinos don't have a line for this game, and I like the home team.

Wish me luck.

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The Further

Hey sissy got smoked last week. Your picks this week look a little better.

I'll give you credit for taking some controversial games. Last week; the LSU vs Alabama game was too hot. You should have begged off of it.

This week, that Penn State game is waaaay too hot to pick.

I'm betting you win 2 games this week.

Stick to writing. Gambeling ain't your thing.


I had no idea you went to the Oklahoma vs Texas game. That's a bad picture of you.

The Saint (and I don't mean Val Kilmer)

You're a glutton for punishment. The Saints crush the Falcons.

Erin Jones

I like your picks. So far so good. That Texas pick was a fluke. Who knew MO would show up against Texas like that. I think you're out on a limb with your Atlanta pick. We shall see.

Erin Jones

....Looks like Dallas is gonna win as well. Not a bad week for The Big Mac Blog and its staff.

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