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How is Baylor ranked behind TCU?

Ap-201111200004002889407The latest AP college football poll is out and LSU is all alone in first place with all 60 first-place votes.
Alabama is No. 2, and Arkansas is No. 3. Maybe the SEC is pretty good.

Every team ranked No. 9 to No. 20 is 9-2.

That includes No. 19 TCU.

The highest ranked three-loss team is No. 21 Baylor.

Now I could swear Baylor beat TCU on Sept. 2, 50-48.

TCU is 19th with 456 votes. Baylor is 21st with 383 votes.

Baylor should be ranked higher than TCU. The Bears lost by 1-point to No. 16 Kansas State in Manhattan. The only really bad loss the Bears have is a 55-28 dog at A&M. Their win at Kansas was a victory dressed as a loss.

This latest ranking is more proof that the regular season is not an 11-week "playoff" the BCS mouthpieces claim it is. It's just more proof the polls are nothing more than a total joke, and the argument that what a team does in November is just as important as what you do in September is folly.

 UPDATE: The BCS standings, which are usually trash, got this right:
Baylor is ranked 18th and TCU is 20th. 

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tcu has two losses, baylor has three. while bu did beat tcu the first game of the year, albeit with a last second field goal, at home, tcu would probably handle bu by 10 or so now. tcu is the better team at this point and time

The Big Mac Blog

In this college football format, September is as relevant as November. Baylor plays in a tougher league, has only one more loss, beat them head to head, and should be ranked higher than TCU.

Randy Abshire

As for as baylor and smwho count your blessings! I would not want to play the HORNED FROGS now!!! Rookie quarterback and graduated most of the offence as well as defence and we are still putting up numbers! I tell you what! I'm glad HOUSTON embarassed the blank out of you! Go Coogs I'm proud of you even if I'm from HORNED FROG LAND11111


Hey Mac, if you we're voting would you put TCU ahead of Boise St?


Why isn't Texas Tech ranked ahead of Oklahoma?


You are an idiot Mac.


Why isn't SMU ranked ahead of TCU? Stupid logic, Mac.


This article is further proof that Engel is a dolt. By his logic, his next article will be, "How is Boise St. ranked ahead of TCU?" Geez, did this moron go to college? If so his parents need a refund.

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