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Is TCU the best team in Texas?

9830291bc993ee297d118a2266881dd3-getty-132454150Maybe Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson is right about us.

"Overrated. Overrated. Overrated. It's blown out of proportion. It really is. I played against their best recruits and I wasn't impressed, at all," Richardson said last week of Texas players and Texas football, which did nothing to motivate the team he was preparing to play - Texas.

The "best" Texas team in the Big 12 is Baylor, which is in fourth place. But Baylor beat TCU, as did SMU. Since this is college football and what you do in September is equally important as what you do in November, it does not matter that the best team in Texas may be TCU. Maybe. This situation is fluid.

Right now, the best team in Texas is the University of Houston. Thanks to TCU's one-point win at Boise State on Saturday, the Coogs can be in a BCS game. These are high times to be a football fan in City of Humidity - Texans are going to win the AFC South and the University of Houston is a top 10 team.

This does not cover the fact that the state of the state of Texas football is in a crisis mode. What is going on in Lubbock with the Red Raiders is an embarrassment to us all; might be time for a vote to get the Red Raiders in New Mexico. Our great state is going to be represented in the mighty SEC by a team that can't beat Missouri.

People, we need to be better than this:

Baylor Kansas Football.JPEG-0390fBaylor 6-3, 3-3. The Bears are bowl eligible and needed an act of God to beat an awful Kansas team on Saturday in Lawrence in OT. Great offense, below average defense.

Texas 6-3, 3-3. The Horns are bowl eligible, and yes they lost at Missouri on Saturday after essentially seeing their entire backfield hurt; two consecutive subpar years should never happen in Austin. Ever.

Texas A&M, 5-5, 3-4. Most disappointing team in the state, and maybe the country. Mike Sherman is going to keep his job only because the Aggies aren't going to want to pay the buyout, but his regime is numerically looking nearly the exact same as Dennis Franchione. The Aggies are going to finish 8-6.

Texas Tech, 5-5, 2-5. The Red Raiders are in real trouble of not making it to a bowl. They are 2-4 at home this season, and have been out-scored 193-87 in their last four games in Lubbock. Paging Mike Leach.

Houston-case-keenumHouston, 10-0, 6-0. The Coogs' schedule is a joke, but they are beating everyone thanks to QB Case Keenum. ESPN College Gameday will be in Houston on Saturday for the game against SMU.

SMU 6-4, 4-2. Have dropped two of their last three after their 5-1 start. Will go to a bowl again.

TCU 8-2, 5-0. Remarkable to think that despite so many major changes at so many key positions just how close the Frogs are to being undefeated. Five straight wins, which included the highly entertaining one-point win at No. 5 Boise State on Saturday, puts the Frogs in the position to win the MWC title before moving up to the Big 12.
But as a member of the MWC, their postseason option may be Shreveport, La. 

Rice 2-4, 3-7. Beat Purdue at home earlier this season. 

UTEP 2-4, 5-5. Rebuilding.

North Texas 4-6, 3-3. First year under Dan McCarney has the Eagles with a shot at a .500 record.


As you can see, state of Texas football has been in a better state.


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Yes, our schedule is a joke. If TCU, Texas, A&M, Baylor or Tech want game, all they have to do is call. We'll play them, here, we'll play them there. We'll play them in a glass-strewn parking lot.

We beat everybody who showed up and beat them badly. Keenum is getting his numbers in three quarters or less. Can't help it if Tulane can't stop the second-string punt team from scoring. Tell the rest of Texas to line up, we'll take them on.


We are the best team in Texas. Love to c TCU actually play Texas this year. TCU plays great. Great offense. Great coach. I'm excited to see how we do next year when we move up in confrences.


Idk if we r the best team in Texas but we're good. That game yesterday was a awesome. We got a little lucky at the end to get the turn over but we made the most of it when we got the chance. Great game!


Love the way TCU is playing! Go Frogs!!!!!


The answer is that Oklahoma State is the best Texas team this year. By my count, they have 62 players from Texas high schools on their roster this year versus 33 from Oklahoma high schools.

So when Richardson said he played the best Texas recruits this year, he was wrong. They just happen to be in Oklahoma this season.

And thanks to the Aggies, Missouri will continue to have to face more Texas recruits in the SEC starting next year.

I would argue Pennsylvania is the state in college football crisis mode right now. Texas schools are just having a down year.

Big Mike

TCU is better than Texas this year, and certainly was far better last year

John Belville

TCU is a quality coached team. Patterson is a quality guy who recruits and coaches up [with his assistants] some of the best players in America. I'm a Bleed-Blue BSU Alumni and Bronco Fan, but I love the Attitudes and the Class these guys play with. We got could have easily gone the other way and I would still post this comment. Congrats to a great team!

jeff P.

TCU had an amazing game this past weekend. If the Frogs aren't the best team in Texas they are at least the most exciting and hardest working.

Go Frogs!


Ah, more sensationalist journalism. This is what happens when sports writers' reporting starts sounding like the moron next to you at the sports bar. Yeah, TCU or Houston ARE the best team in Texas this year. So what? Does anyone believe that makes them a better program than Texas? If you do, then line up with the journalists and morons at the sports bars. Texas is having a down period. It happens. They were 5-7 last year. They will probably be 8-4 at best this year, which we all already figured before the year started. One, that is improvement. Two, they are implementing an entirely different offensive style that requires the recruitment of different types of offensive linemen, running backs and quarterbacks. Three, this is a team of freshmen and sophomores. Get your shots in now, because it won't last long. Also, take note, because the move back toward more of a power running game will become the norm in the Big XII soon. Texas learned the hard way that the pure spreads they ran previously will not beat the SEC. You are seeing growing pains. In a couple of years you will see Texas' new style wear down opponents and other Big XII teams moving in that direction. Enjoy it. TCU IS the best team in Texas. Or Houston. But Texas will be back, and soon.


Houston beat a horrible UCLA team by 4 points for their "statement" game. Not really impressed. TCU is not the same team they were in September. That team would've given up 60 to Boise.


Natt there are a few other things you failed to mention in your defense of the Longhorns current downturn. First you still have Mack Brown as head coach so despite the fact that UT will continue to get many of the top high school players every year they won't get the most out of them. Second UT may be young but not any Younger than TCU which has played more freshmen this year than since Patterson started so there is no reason to expect UT to be the best team in Texas for the next few years either.

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