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Mavs may begin season on Christmas v. Heat; NBA very close to returning

David_SternIt looks as if the NBA and the NBA Player's Association have both finally broken through and reached a deal to save the season.

This finally answers the question of how long does it take millionaires and billionaires to split a giant wad of money disproprtionately with the appearance of a partnership between the two sides.

According to this report by Yahoo! Sports, the season will be 66 games and begin on Christmas day.

There would be three games on Christmas, among them the Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks. No word whether LeBron will show up for the fourth quarter of that game ... ohh, that's a joke. Just a joke. We like to have fun here.

Free agency and training camps would begin on Dec. 9. Mavs owner Mark Cuban has been filling a truck of cash for free agent center Tyson Chandler.

Nothing has been finalized yet and everything has to be voted on, and I am sure there will be some NBA players who are irked that they conceeded too much, but all signs point to the Mavs raising their 2011 NBA championship banner within a month.

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Under Class

I hope the Players Union gets crushed.


Bummer. I was really hoping the season would get cancelled. Maybe we'll all get lucky, something will go wrong, and no more NBA in 2011 & 2012.


...Any chance the deal doesn't get done and they cancel the season????? One can only hope

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