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Maybe it's not the coach. Maybe it's just Texas A&M

Ncf_a_heisman1957_390_1_Watching the end of the Texas A&M gag against Texas last night gave me pause to think about something a long, long time NFL scout said to me once when I asked why couldn't Texas A&M field a big winner in the sport of football on the football field.

His answer: "Because it's College Station, Texas! Have you ever been there?"

The Aggies are 6-6 and will finish the season playing in some toilet bowl that could push them a totally disappointing 7-6 record. There is no more disappointing team this season than the Aggies.

Does John David Crow have any eligbility left?

People are calling for Mike Sherman's head just as they did Dennis Franchione and R.C. Slocum. My question is - does it matter? Forget the curse of the Red Sox, Cubs, and now Rangers, there is something in the water in College Station that prevents this team from being the power it's convinced it is. This school last won a football national title in ... something like 1939. Georgia Tech was a national title more recently.

Since 2000, the Aggies are 78-69. In that time they are 1-6 in bowl games; the win came in 2001 against TCU in Gary Patterson's first season.

College Station is not the hell pit that the former NFL scout believes it is. And if Baylor and TCU can turn it around there is no reason the Aggies can't. But it is now more apparent than ever that Mike Sherman is Dennis Franchione.

Sherman is going to get one year in the SEC, the Aggies will post a losing record, and then he will be fired. Whomever the Aggies hire to replace Shermancione will be expected to get it right this time and return Texas A&M to national standing. Godspeed, TBD Coach.


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I hear what your saying and I understand your thought process, however some other factors I would like to introduce into the conversation if you will aloow me to.
The outcome of the game last night was not unexpected. The way the Aggies played during the TU games demonstrated the behaviors they have displayed throughout the entire season. So as hard as it was to wittness yet again, I am not insane (definition of insanity - to continue to do the same processess over and over and expect a different result). As in any job - if you meet your goals 50 % of the time - Sherman 26-26 in 4 years, and your dont meet your bonus objectives (1-3 vs. TU) would anyone be feeling real good about their future with the organization? To be successful at Texas A&M it is a mind set, it is obvious that coach Sherman does not have it. When we look back at 5 of the 6 losses (OU excluded) this season, we have Texas A&M with a lead - yet they continue to run a pro style spread offense, rufuse to run time off the clock, abandon the running game and continue to throw the ball on all 3 downs. This might work in the NFL, however it is a recipie for dissaster in college football. These are decesions made by the head coach and the entire coaching staff, and until that mind set changes - why would the expectations?
Caoch Sherman is an average coach at the college level, and for an Aggie, why would we settle for average, even for one more year?
We are in a transition phase, going from the now run n shoot Big 12 to a more traditional style of defense wins games style of play in the SEC. I see Houston Nutt out and to have a coach with SEC experience help the Aggies blend into the transition would be a very smart approach. Yes, he may not end up over .500% in 2 or 3 seasons, however he would develop an SEC mind set with the players and more importantly start recurting players that will fit into a system that can be developed into a program that will compete.
Thanks for hearing me out and I hope that there are others that feel the same.


The bottom line here is that a&m has to have their hated rival UT to get up for games. Maybe they hate UT too much. Maybe they get so overworked they forget how to play football to win. Just way too much emotion. Texas, on the other hand, doesn't measure its manhood on whether or not they beat a&m the way a&m does. Even in bad years, like this one, I tend to see Texas as the amused bigger brother holding off little brother a&m with an extended hand on his head while little brother flails away not landing a punch. The bottom line is a&m will never measure up to UT, not with a 3:1 win/loss history. The only good thing about a&m leaving the Big 12 is that record won't get worse.


j. gore. so many spelling mistakes ? did you go to A&M ? you are as error ridden as the football team that you support. TU supporters spell perfectly. lol


In the middle of the sports discussions, up pops the grammer instructor.

Brad Ford

Yes. It is about A&M. While a member of the SWC and Big 12, it's closest competition was UT.
1)Although not a huge difference, UT is considered a better school.

2)UT has a better history going back decades. A&M has the Junction Boys who were coached by someone who left for a better job in ALABAMA?? Name one recent UT coach who left for a "Better" job!

3)Austin v. College Station is no contest.

Each year, A&M and UT compete for the same recruits. Each year, UT gets a slightly better crop.

Result: each year, UT should be better than A&M.

Now that it is going to the SEC, A&M won't be 2nd fiddle to UT. It is going to be at best 7th fiddle to Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Tenn.

For A&M to have a Great team, they are going to need a GREAT coach. So far, no luck.


Brad; There is no coach that will be able to keep atm from winning over 1 or 2 non-conference games for the next several seasons. They will be stuck at maybe a 6 win season and wish that they were back in the Big12 before long.

Brad Ford


You and I completely agree. While they won't struggle to win any conference games like Missou will, I don't see the Aggies as a viable SEC contender for at least a decade.

Their only hope is that they stumble into a Great coach which is unlikely to happen.

If I was an Aggie fan (and I am not), I would be livid about the move to the SEC.

Waxahachie Bob

Potential head coaches, with really good credintials know that College Station is a recruiting black hole. Given the problems the Aggies have against UT in recruiting, and add in now the fact that the Aggies will be facing a long up hill battle to have a winning team in the SEC; know that a really great coach won't be knocking on the Kyle Field door for the job.

Why would they? The Aggie alumni are a difficult bunch that expect perfection in their over-the-top expectations in their traditional approach. First they really desire a former Aggie for the job, second; is the pressure surrounding the 12th man ideals of football done the A&M way; third; is the town itself with it's out of way appearance; the pressure of the Corp of Cadets and it's military style of life (do or die); fourth, is the fact that not many women attend A fifth, who as a child playing sand lot football wanted to be called an Aggie; sixth, is the fact that they haven't had a winning program in the last several years; seventh, how do they think that a new coach can effectively recruit in the other states of the SEC.

There are probably more reasons, but those above narrow the field of kids, other than those of former players, who grow up wanting to be an Aggie; especially now in the other states of the SEC.

So long to Texas,....welcome to the cellar of the SEC.


I didn't go to UT (Trinity University) but I've lived in Austin since 1994 and have always admired the Longhorns and their legacy. What I saw Thursday was Aggie players (#11) taunting and standing over fallen Longhorns. Can you believe this misguided level of ego? Who is in charge of this mind-set? The coach? The University President? I wonder if anyone from A&M discussed this clear lack of emotional immaturity with the coaching staff. This type of thing is a sign of the mental state of mind of the University when they applaud a classless half-time show by their own band, when they leave the conference yet taunt UT for not wanting to play them and when mediocre players act cocky.


You ATM haters crack me up! Look in the mirror TSIPS your record this year aint much better than ATM's! Your team is mediocre at best! ATM definitely needs a better who can make adjustments at halftime. ATM would be undefeated if the game was only played in two quarters! Thats all about coaching!This is the year that the team down south could kick both of your tails (UH)!


Hey dummy... Texas knows their record but you just proved my point. You lost at home to a down Texas program playing without a quarterback in the biggest game probably in 50 years for A&M yet you come on here talking smack. You are delusional.


Never has a school with so many resources and so much money done so little and achieved less. A&M was a joke in the Big 12, the onlt time they were relevant was when OU and UT were both down in the late nineties. Good luck to the Aggies in the SEC where 6-6 might look good in the years to come. Nice not to hear the incessant whining coming from the Aggies. Also if I were A&M, I would change my fight song lyrics as they will never play UT again, and no one in the SEC gives a damn about A&M's inferiority complex.


aTm please come back and play the Big 12 South as non-conference games instead of the southland conference. I know the southland conference is more your style but the Big 12 south needs to prepare you for your beat down in the SEC.

Come on Tech wants to even the record even with Tubby. You will never recruit in Texas again. Better take all A&M Consolidated has to offer.

Thanks for the Memories

They might be able to do better than 6-6 in the SEC, but it'd have to be a on very weak schedule. They haven't been able to beat Arkansas. They won't handle Auburn. Bama & LSU will destroy them like it's a warm up game against a FCS team. Miss St will be a challenge. If they don't beat Ole Miss and Vandy then they should just quit playing. That isn't going to change for generations. They're screwed. They'll get a touch more money out of TV contracts, but they'll more than lose the difference when they're in the gutter for a decade or two.

A&M has never been able to recruit on par with Texas. Now they've opened the recruiting grounds to SEC powerhouse schools. Recruiting will get much worse within a year or two. Their dismal record will keep it moving down. No talent means no chance. They're done. They shot themselves in the face to spite Texas and they don't even realize it yet. Within a couple years they're going to realize the huge mistake they've made.

No coach could change any of that. And so, there is not one decent (much less superb) coach in the world that would take that job. Not even for Mack Brown's 5mil.

Good luck Aggies. You're going to need it.

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