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Mike Sherman v. Dennis Franchione: The Aggies were better under Fran

Given how the Aggies are faring under Mike Sherman 253133ckhe is one booster newsletter from getting the ax.
Count me among the many suckers who fell hard for the Aggies this preseason only to be sorely disappointed. The Aggies defense is simply awful.

Okie State scored 30 on the Aggies.
Arkansas went for 42.
Texas Tech scored 40.
Missouri scored 38.
Oklahoma went for 41.

A preseason top 10 team is now 5-4, and staring at 5-5 with their game at No. 14 Kansas State on Saturday. The Sherminator is one game over .500 in his tenure in College Station, and he is less than one year away from joining the SEC.

The way this is setting up he's going to get one year in the SEC, and that may be it. His hire was considered a surprise because he was seen as an NFL guy, but the upside was that he could coach players provided he actually got "players". Is it coaching, or is it the talent? Or is it the Aggies are just overrated because suckers like me bought in?

Numbers wise there appears to be very little difference between the Aggies under Sherman, and the previous coach in College Station, the always popular Dennis Franchione

2008: 4-8
2009: 6-7, Independence Bowl (loss to Georgia, 44-20)
2010: 9-4, Cotton Bowl (loss to LSU, 41-24)
2011: 5-4 
Total: 24-23

2003: 4-8 
2004: 7-5, Cotton (loss to Tennessee, 38-7)
2005: 5-6
2006: 9-4, Holiday (loss Cal, 45-10)
2007: 7-5, Alamo (loss, which Fran did not coach)
Total: 32-28

R.C. Slocum looks better and better every day.


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If atm thinks that his record is bad in the B12 wait until they start the SEC season. Outside of their non-conference games they will be lucky to win more than one game. Love it.

Reggie Lee

Slocum was the real deal. I agree with you. He looks better every day.


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