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Monday drive through: Vince Young is just another guy

Lindsey+Vonn+2010+Ski+Snowboard+Ball+P_t_ITNhpb7lThis holiday season Lindsey Vonn wants a giant D.


Watched a great portion of the Eagles - Patriots game in Philly yesterday and if this isn't official now it should be: Any chance that Vince Young is going to become a reliable starter in the NFL is over. He is a career backup, which isn't a bad thing but considering what VY was supposed to be it's not a good.

Do not be fooled by his line from the Eagles' blowout loss against the Pats that all but ends their season. He finished with 400 yards passing with a TD and an INT. But most of those yards came in garbage time, and his one scoring pass came with less than one minute remaining in the game.

VY came to Philly to change how people viewed him, and to repair his badly bruised image the way Michael Vick did under Andy Reid. VY may sound better in interviews and conduct himself with a sincere humility rather than the fake humility he previously projected, but as a player this is what he is.

Vince-young-eagles-jets-e1315085890548Vince being Vince was good enough to win a national title and make good cash in the League; the problem is Vince never improved as a passer whereas Vick did. 


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So was it Vince Young's fault that Desean Jackson dropped two touchdown passes that hit him in the hands and could of completely changed the complexion of the game? Is he responsible for that? A quarterback can only do so much.


I thought VY improved with his decision making, the problem he need to work on is his accuracy and decision making.


I thought he played pretty well. He certainly wasn't the reason the Eagles lost. They never got their running game going, receivers dropped some key passes, particularly Jackson, who could have had two TDs. The big factor was their defense couldn't stop New England.

Are You Kidding?

"He finished with 400 yards...but most of those came in garbage time"

Are you kidding? did you really watch the game or are you just non-objective VY hater?

VY had 200 yards by halftime when the game was still close (would have had more had Jackson and McCoy caught those easy passes).

It's no secret that the defense cost the Eagles dearly; It's a bit much to expect VY to match Brady; but your statement is beyond misleading. Had Jackson caught those two TD's instead of dropping those passes, this game would have a different story line...


She's a complete idiot fir writing this blog. A complete dumb writer who just wanted some attention. VY had an awesome game and you are just a hater. Another critic who has not a dime in her pocket to buy a meat sandwhich at a cafe. Get a life, VY had great patience and threw for a great game. 200 yards by half time and nearly 100 yards in the first quarter, if his guys catch majority of those passes, he throws for 500 yards easily.


Idiot writer that clearly didnt watch the game



Are You Kidding?


VY had better stats than Tony Romo against this very same Patriots Defense (Romo also 1 TD, 1 INT). so if VY is a career backup, then what does that make Romo?


Good commentary. VY cannot live off the glory of winning the National Championship so many years ago. He blew his chances and that is that. If you live in TX, specifically Austin, you have so many people who cannot offer a legit opinion on VY, their feelings are so clouded. Thanks again for a spot on opinion.


He had 104 yards in the fourth quarter which means 296 yards throughout the other three quarters. Yeah that's not "most of yards in the fourth quarter"

Stan is right

Your article was correct. VY is over. His game is good enough to be a competent back-up but he shouldn't be a starter. He totally blew with the Titans. I think Fisher would have supported him but he couldn't control his ego or his mouth. And Vince got all his serious yardage when it didn't matter. You (and the previous comment by 'Stan') are totally correct. VY is done


Vince Young IS learning to play the quarterback at the pro level just like Michael Vick did with the help of Vick and Marty Mornhinweg.

Did you see how quickly Young dropped back when he completed the long pass in the first quarter? He dropped back 10 yards in the time that normal QBs would do 6 or 7.

Voung is slowly getting to where he needs and wants to be.


The Eagles lost due to Desean Jackson and bad play calling and a bad bad defense. Vince Young was fine. Desean Jackson dropped a 50 yard TD and another TD.

Watch the game - quit making up stuff

Are You Kidding?

If VY's performance against this poor Patriots Defense is indicative of being at best a Backup QB in the NFL, then what does that say about the other 7 starting QB's who lost to the same Patriots team this year?

stop the VY hate...2006 Rose Bowl was eons ago; USC lost; get over it!


Vince had around 150 passing yards in the first quarter.

But the majority of his yardage purportedly came in garbage time?

And another comment mentioned the two dropped touchdowns by Jackson.

I witnessed at least six dropped passes -- three on back-to-back-to-back plays.

Vince is still a work-in-progress.

His years in Tennessee were largely wasted.

Currently, he just completed his second start in 13 months.

Clearly, Vince needs to improve to be a top-tier QB, but I think he clearly has improvement potential. Sure, he's been in the league several seasons, but as I mentioned earlier, he has yet to have a combination of a good head coach, a good offensive system, and adequate time within said system.

When Vince first took the field at UT, I never thought he could pass the ball consistently well. But during his senior season (redshirt junior), he completed 70% of his passes and he wasn't throwing myriad six-inchers a la Simms, McCoy, and McCoy II.

I haven't given up on Vince. He's currently good, with a potentially greater upside.


Vince Young is a solid starter, but he couldn't save the Eagle defense which was sliced and diced.
Young after a year off, is going to look very unpolished when compared to Tom Brady, especially when Brady's receivers catch everything that hits their hands.
The writer of this blog smells like an Aggie. Aggies lose all sense of perspective and get emotional about Vince Young, Mack Brown, Colt McCoy, Earl Campbell, etc...
A little research would likely reveal this guy, the writer, to be a bitter, foulmouthed Aggie, using his job to vent his frustration.

The fact is that Vince Young wins at a 70% clip in the NFL, as a STARTING QB.

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