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New Bond movie means a new Bond girl

Berenice-Marlohe-Hot-Pictures-1The egg timer on her career can be set shortly but for the time being let us all enjoy the new Bond girl.

Some French actress named Bérénice Marlohe is going to play Daniel Craig's opposite. With the exception of Halle Berry, for some reason being a Bond girl is usually absolute death to a career. Never have figured that out.

According to Marlohe's bio on, she's a former model (shocker) and her screen work appears entirely of the French variety.

As Steve Martin once said of the French, "They have a different word for everything!"

The important question is can she act? In accordance with all Bond movies, who cares?

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Big Sky

.....did you really just ask, "Can she act"????

Come on! Its a Bond movie!


Acting isn't a huge part of the Bond series. The men and women need to look pretty, have some cool stunts, and Bond fans like myself will be very happy! I'm looking forward to this next Bond. I love Daniel Craig. He is an awesome Bond.

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