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Rangers front office to be fleeced?

Levine_thad_150x200The Astros have changed owners - finally - and now new boss Jim Crane is making changes.

Long, long time team president Tal Smith and GM Wade have been fired. Click here for the story from the Houston Chronicle.

Since the Rangers dodged a rather large bullet when the Cubs passed on pitching coach Mike Maddux to be their manager, the club may not avoid losing all of their good people when the Astros begin the process of looking for a new GM.

The Twitter is abuzz that Rangers No. 2 man Thad Levine may be a top candidate to become the man in charge in Houston.

It makes sense. Thad has been Jon Daniels' guy for years, and the normal course of action in baseball is to promote away the assistant from good teams.

Thad fits that description. Thad has been with the team since 2005 and has been instrumental in many of the team's front office decisions, so many of which have worked.

Having reached consecutive World Series there is no way the team can avoid not having their top people leaving.

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