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The best Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth is ...

RestrauntFORT WORTH - An impossible question and or task, but I do believe I have the answer to the question of what is the best Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth? 

With the holiday season upon us and countless visitors invading our personal space, it's a good time to address this issue because we have to have some place to take these people.

So many possibilities. So many suggestions.
Don't sweat this; I got this.

Joe T's? No. Best atmosphere, but the rest ...
Mi Cocina? Hard to argue against the nachos, but it feels a bit too chainy.
Mexican Inn? Not awful, but not the best.

According to my bestest friend, who is Mexican, at a minimum at least half of the patrons must Hispanic in said restaurant. By his logic, this means the Mexican food has been authenticated and is good. 

If you are going to do Mexican food in Fort Worth, you have to hit the North Side. And when in the North Side the best place is El Asadero Mexican Steakhouse and Seafood.

Located on 1535 North Main Street in Fort Worth, this is the best Mexican restaurant I have found in The Worth.

Click here for their website.

This place is not expensive, and the menu features all of the traditional dishes you will want. It also has a wide array of Mexican steak dishes and seafood items. None of the stuff on here is bad. Try Mama's Special - four flautas topped with fresh cabbage, sour cream, tomatoes and jalapenos in lime juice.

It's the ideal spot to take your Yankee relatives from the north who want to know what real Mexican food taste like.

(BTW - If you have your own suggestions, feel free to help a brother out. We're all in this together.)

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El Asadero (more traditional TexMex) and Uncle Julios (anything grilled, especially beef, & the tortillas!) are my favorites, for different reasons. Either way, you can't go wrong. I make it a point to frequent both moreso than others. Best hot sauce in Fort Worth comes from El Asadero, IMO. Great restaurant, no question.

Tim Love, while on or doing something with the Super Bowl welcoming committee, told visitors to North Texas to go to El Asadero if they had only 1 restaurant to visit while in town. Not too shabby.

Dan T

I don't eat Tex-Mex as often as I would like; as it wreaks havoc on my digestive track but I do love it.

Hard to argue with El Asadero. GREAT food, generous portions, and the for the money; it's an excellent value.

I don't know why but I hadn't thought of Uncle Julios in a long while. GREAT food too.

Ed Isbell

If there is a town in Tejas with more Mexican restaurants per capita than Cleburne, I will forfeit my best salsa recipe - but when we lost our El Asadero (same guys), we lost our best of the best. Best Fajitas, Best Hot Sauce (& it packs the heat!), Best Service, ... we are still trying to fill the void.

Nevertheless, when you're in Cleburne now, I recommend Taqueria Torres at the corner of Henderson & Douglas. Next Best Thing.

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There are indeed a lot of good Mexican restaurants in Dallas, Fort Worth. But I will take note of the place and will try to visit it next week.

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