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The Dark Knight Rises ... (trailer) is coming

56273There is a new reason to see the latest Sherlock Holmes movie - the Google says that an updated trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will run before this latest effort to make Robert Downey Jr. disgusting rich.

Director Christopher Nolan has been pretty tight lipped about this highly, highly anticipated end to the reboot of this iconic character. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has a role in this new Batman, recently tweeted that shooting on this film has wrapped up.

Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows will release Dec. 16, 2011. There is a good chance the trailer of the Dark Knight Rises will be the best part of that entire evening.

Then ... on Dec. 21, a new six to seven minute prologue of the Dark Knight Rises will run to be attached with the latest Mission Impossible movie. I think this is, like, the 10th Mission Impossible flick.

I expect to see a loooooot of Bane in the new trailers.

According to several outlets, Nolan has said this new Batman will take place eight years after the last one ended. And that Bruce Wayne is not in a good place. Not sure what that means, but if it means Christian Bale changes his voice and chases around a bunch of really bizarre, twisted people dressed up as weirdos, I'm in.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to open July 20, 2012. Just to ensure that I will get a seat to the first showing, I plan to hit the theater no later than tomorrow night to secure my place in line. Don't be critical; it's cute if kids do that to see one of the 15 Harry Potter movies but when a 38-year-old man who really looks 37 does it to see a comic book movie that makes me a loser. I'm sick of the double standard. 


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