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Thursday drive through: New Bond movie set for '12 release; Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever

Caterina_Murino_201112924519XURIIMI was going to weigh in on that boxer "Fraud" Mayweather, but this is caught my attention instead: James Bond is back. Has James Bond finally met his match???!!!!

The 23rd James Bond movie is set to go into production on Nov. 7 and the new movie will be titled "Skyfall". The release is scheduled for Nov. of 2012. Why can't it be next year right now?!

According to this story on Variety, Daniel Craig will return as the baddest agent in Great Britain and Bond's loyalty to M will be tested as her past comes back to haunt her. Sex tape? Can't rule it out. My only request for this movie is that somehow they can figure out a way for Caterina Murino (left) to be in every single shot. That's not too much to ask.

The guy who was married to Kate Winslet is directing this Bond movie, Sam Mendes, which means the movie will feature some really dark look at marriage and surbuban life.

Bond is the greatest man movie franchise there is and although I was sorely disappointed when Craig was named to replace Pierce Brosnan as the next Bond because I thought Clive Owen was a superior choice. Never has being wrong tasted so good. I am here to say that Craig is the best Bond ever. 

Here are the official rankings.

7craig121. Daniel Craig. No contest. He kicks so much a$$ it's scary, and it's totally convincing. He took Bond in a completely different direction. For my female readers - both of you - here is the obligatory Craig shot from Casino Royale that you all love so much. The weird thing is, that's my body. 

2. Sean Connery. The original. Hard to argue with this. 

3. Pierce Brosnan. Much, much better than I ever thought he could be after he did Remington Steele back in the '80s. How I recalled that TV show off the top of my head is a testament to a tremendous waste of brain power.

4. Roger Moore. I never did much care for Live and Let Die, but The Spy Who Loved me and For Your Eyes Only were solid winners. I just could never buy him kicking tail the way he did.

5. George Lazenby. Only played Bond once in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but he deserved another shot.

6. Timothy Dalton. Really? NEXT!


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Connor & Murphy

Daniel Craig is great as Bond, but Sean Connery is either the best or a very close second best.

I can't believe you didn't like Roger Moore more???? He was a GREAT Bond. I loved Octopussy. Great flick back when I was 16.


I haven't seen the Craig movies yet but I've seen all the others. I still think Moore is best Bond, but that's because he was Bond when I was growing up. For Your Eyes Only was the first Bond movie I ever saw and it's still my favorite.

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